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Bacon's rebellion took place because indentured servants in Virginia were dissatisfied with how they were being treated. The rebellion showed the upper class that they needed a more docile labor force who would be easier to control. This lead them to rely much more on African slaves.

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Q: How did bacon's rebellion affect the institution of slavery?
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Why and how did Bacons Rebellion result from this conflict with the Powhatans?

Baconâ??s Rebellion was a result of colonists conflict with both Native Americans as well as the governor. Colonists demanded that Powhatan tribes be forcibly removed from their own lands which defied a British treaty with the native people. When Governor, Sir William Berkeley refused, Nathan Bacon and his men invaded and massacred everyone in an Powhatan village, including women and children. Claiming Berkeley failed to protect colonists, levied unfair taxes and other grievances, Bacon and his men rebelled, burning the state house to the ground and ransacking Berkeleyâ??s belongings.

What was Bacon's Rebellion?

In 1675 the lower class citizens of Virginia wanted to expand and gain cheaper land. The Yeoman farmers and non land holders wanted the government to expel or kill the Indians that were in the way of their expansion. In order to protect the upper class wealthy plantation owners, and have a ready supply of people for labor their plantation, both plantation owners and Governor Berkeley did not want this for the lower class. Against Governor Berkeley's orders, a militia attacked the Native Americans. In rebellion to these attacks the Native Americans started to raid the outer farms and plantations killing lower class colonists. Nathaniel Bacon, leader of the militia, asked Governor Berkeley for military protection from these raids. When Governor Berkeley denied them military protection against the attacks, again against the Berkeley's orders Bacon's militia attacked the native Americans. Berkley then had Bacon declared a traitor and was arrested. After Bacon's release, Bacon still angry at Berkeley for how he and the lower class people had been treated, gathered a militia together and marched against Berkeley driving him into hiding, overthrowing the government, and burning Jamestown to the ground. Soon after, Bacon died suddenly of dysentery and Berkeley regained control.

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Bacons rebellion led to the growth of what practice?

It led to Slavery

What was the date of bacons rebellion?

bacons rebellion happened in 1676

What sparked bacons rebellion?

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Who led Virginia farmers in rebellion in 1676?

Nathaniel Bacon, The rebellion was called Bacons Rebellion.

What did Bacons Rebellion reveal about the growth of the Virginia colony?

That serious social and geographical tensions between colonists existed and threatened the colony's stability.

Why did slavery accelerate after bacons rebellion?

Because the indentured servants(the people who rebelled during the rebellion) couldn't be trusted anymore. The feds turned to slaves because they could be forced to work and had a low chance of rebelling

Which colony did bacons rebellion occur?

Virginia coloney (Virginia)

What caused bacons rebellion what was it Why is it important?

Bacon's Rebellion The governor of Virginia, and his associates in the commercial ventures in the colony.

What were the origins of the political turmoil in Virginia during the 1670s?

Bacons Rebellion

What is Nathaniel Bacon famous for?

he is most famous for the famous Bacons Rebellion!

What do you think was the most serious problem faced by settlers in Virginia?

The greatest problem that the Jamestown settler' had to face in the early years of settlement is disease and starvation.

How did Bacon's Rebellion Challenge England's authority over its American colonies?

well, bacons rebbelion was a big step in our American history but, bacons rebellion challened englands authorirwr ove rits coloines because bacon was a retarted name.