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General Washington's troops crossed the Delaware River in boats and barges.

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Q: How did George Washington led his men across the Delaware river on Christmas night?
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Was a famous general and first U.S. president. He led 2400 men across the Delaware River on Christmas Day 1776.?


What happened on December 1776?

On the morning of December 26, 1776, General George Washington and the Continental Army attacked the Hessian troops at Trenton, New Jersey. The night before, Washington had silently led his troops across the Delaware River, preparing for an attack on the Hessians that would be completely unexpected. The Battle of Trenton ended in victory for Washington. This victory greatly raised the morale of the Continental troops, as it came after having been defeated in many battles throughout New York.

What is the value of a 1999 s Delaware state quarter with different design on back?

My 1999 S Delaware quarter has the word "COPY" imprinted over Washingtons head on the front and the back design has United States of America and E Pluribus Unum across the top. Caeser Rodney rides East not West and Has the state of Delaware behind him. To the upper left of that is the date of 1787 and below states Delaware Quarter Dollar. I also have a 2004 S Washington D.C. with the same "COPY" over Washington's head and a picture of the White House and Washington Monument on the back. These were my grandpa's quarters and hes passed away now so I cant ask him about them. Searched for 2 hours online and found nothing.

What was Abraham Lincoln's first paying job?

George Washington's first career was a surveyor

How come Washington DC is not a state?

The State of Washington was not yet explored and was not a "State" in George Washington's lifetime and when the government was established. When the western territory opened, the area known as The State of Washington adopted the name "Washington" as its State name in honor of George Washington. Many towns, cities, and townships across our nation honored George Washington by using "Washington" as the place name. It is important to note, at first the Nation's Capital was in New York. The government was re-settled to an area in Virginia. To set it off from ALL States, our nation's capital city is known as Washington, D.C. It is a district set apart in it's land area, name, and its purpose. The White House is the people's House, but is where the President performs his duties.

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Who was the black soldier who helped row general George Washington across the Delaware river on Christmas night in 1776?

George Washington led his troups across the Delaware river in 1776 the british surrendered cuz they were all drunk and coudnt fight

How did George Washington do with the battle at Trenton NJ?

at the battle of Trenton George Washington waited until Christmas night, then when the British were drunk, went across the Delaware river and ambushed the British

Who did George Washington go across the Delaware River with?

Himself and his soldiers

What was the river called that Washington led his troops across on Christmas Eve?

Delaware river

Who did Washington defeat on Christmas night when he led his men across the chilly Delaware River?


What river did George Washington lead his troops across on Christmas in 1776?

Was the battle which maney people thing saratogo was the turning point it was this one that inspired people to fight and show how good Washington was.

Was a famous general and first U.S. president. He led 2400 men across the Delaware River on Christmas Day 1776.?


Which river did Washington lead his troops across on Christmas night in surprise attack on the British?

The Battle of Trenton (New Jersey) was fought on December 26, 1776, when Washington's troops crossed the icy Delaware River in a snowstorm to attack the Hessian garrison. As many as 1000 of the German troops were captured, and their commander, Johann Rall, was mortally wounded.

Where is Washington going in the famous painting Washington Crossing the Delaware Why?

In the famous painting "Washington Crossing the Delaware," Washington is depicted standing in a rowboat that is making its way across the Delaware River. The painting depicts the historical event of General George Washington and his troops crossing the river on Christmas night in 1776 in order to launch a surprise attack on the Hessian soldiers in Trenton, New Jersey during the American Revolutionary War. Washington's destination is the opposite bank of the river where the Hessian soldiers are located.

What was the name of the river where Washington led his troops across on Christmas eve in a surprise attack to the british?

It sounds like you're referring to the subject of that famous painting of Washington crossing the Delaware. If so, it's the Delaware River, the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

What were the evidences of Divine Providence in Washington's crossing the Delaware?

George Washington's troops made it safely across the Delaware River in the dark of night, in icy winter water, to defeat the Hessian troops. Survival of these deadly conditions and success in battle could be considered Divine Providence.

Where were the soldiers crossing the Delaware River heading?

George Washington led his men traveling from Pennsylvania across the mostly-frozen Delaware River on Christmas evening, 1776, to attack the Hessians at Trenton, New Jersey. As the snowstorm ended on the morning of the 26th, they surprised and defeated the German garrison, capturing more than a thousand troops.