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The US Constitution did not solve the problem of slavery, it merely put off the solution. As a compromise, it was agreed that 2/5ths of the total number of male slaves in a state would be added to the total number of free men in that state to determine the "population" of the state for purposes of assigning representation in the US House of Representatives.

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Q: How did Constitution solve slavery?
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Slavery how important it was in the constitution?

How important was the issue of slavery in the Constitution?

When was slavery banned by a constitution?

Slavery was banned by the Constitution in 1865 by the Thirteenth Amendment.

How did the Constitution attempt to regulate slavery and what did it fail to do?

The Constitution's framers were uncomfortable with the practice of slavery. The word slavery or slaves doe not appear anywhere in the Constitution.

What does the US Constitution say about racism?

Slavery is not included in the Constitution itself, but it is in the Amendments. The Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution abolishes slavery.

Was the constitution pro-slavery?

The Constitution had no say in the writting about being pro slavery or not, because men had refused to sign it if it included on for or not for slavery. So it was left out of the Constitution, but it was added later when it was banned in the admendments.

What was an original feature of the US Constitution?

Female suffrage and abolishment of slavery were not original features of the US Constitution.

Did the wyandotte constitution allow slavery or ban it?

The Wyandotte Constitution, adopted in 1859 for the state of Kansas, prohibited slavery. It explicitly stated that slavery would not be allowed in the state.

What is a change or addiction to the constitution?


Is slavery strictly defined in the Constitution?


How did the constitution affect slavery?

i dont no.

What is an original of the US Constitution?

What the framers wanted when they wrote the constitution

How did sectionalism and the issue of slavery influence the Constitution?

There were many people that opposed slavery. For this reason it was necessary to include a section that banned slavery for the passing of the US Constitution to go through..