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You cant do anything for that.. You must replace the ic.. That costs around 1.8k in nokia service centr nd 1k out.

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Q: How could you solve nokia 5130 contact service problem?
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Who do you contact for service if you have a problem with your Nokia 6020 model?

The phones EEPROM has a problem the phone must be "Flashed" reprogrammed, take the phone to any Nokia authorized service centre and they will flash it.

How do you check your credit on Nokia 2680?

Contact your wireless service provider for this issue.

How do you unlock the restriction code on a Nokia 7510?

You need to contact your service provider.

What is the puk code of nokia 2600?

You need to contact your service provider - wecannot give you that information !

How do you get your personal license key for Nokia 6600 your IMEI is 357952006247242?

Contact your service provider... they will supply you with your licence key.

What is some information about O2 Nokia phones?

There are many places where one could find more information about 02 Nokia phones. The best place to learn about the 02 Nokia phone would be to contact Nokia directly.

Where are the nokia service center in raigad district?

Where are the nokia service centre in raigad districtRead more:Where_are_the_nokia_service_centre_in_raigad_district

Can you install Nokia N97 or Nokia 5800 Etc. applications on a Nokia 5230?

Contact the manufacturer and ask them

How can you get back deleted contact list of Nokia 3110c?

I had this phone, just sold it recently. You cannot get your deleted contact list back. You should have asked your wireless service provider for a backup.

How do you undelete text messages from a nokia 1600 phone?

I dont know if you can ? Why not give nokia a call they are very helpful contact number get from your service provider or if you still have booklet that was in box there number should be in that hope this is helpful . luci

What service providers sell the Nokia 2700?

Service providers that sell the Nokia 2700 include Sprint, T-Mobile and Nokia. You can get more information about this from the company websites online.

How do you block a contact on nokia n97?

you cant