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How could get a baby a man has first infertility problem?"

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Q: How could get a baby a man has first infertility problem?
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What are some facts about cloning?

If two people cannot have a child due to infertility, cloning could give them a baby. BUT ! if this baby is used for spare parts , it should NEVER be allowed or legal

How do you know that you are barren and can't have children?

well try to go see a doctor and he will give you an answer or try to have a baby

Will using baby powder on an adult males groin area cause infertility?


Does rhesus incompatibility cause infertility?

no, doctors have treatment nowadays that allow a baby to be born anyway

What are the pros of surrogacy?

Of course the obvious is that you get to have a baby that perhaps infertility factors keep you from doing on your own before.

Is it possible to have a baby and then not be able to conceive again?

Unfortunately the answer is yes. The body changes with pregnancy and sometimes that results in infertility.

Im pregnant with twins and one dies the doctor sucks the died baby out will your other baby be ok?

I am sorry to hear of your situation. This is difficult to answer without a consult. It would depend on what your first baby died of and if it possible that your other baby could have this same problem. This is an issue that you should discuss with your doctor to get the best answer for your specific situation.

What are some nice gifts for a baby's first Christmas?

There are many nice gifts that could be given for a baby's first Christmas. Some nice gifts to celebrate baby's first Christmas could be personalized ornaments, baby memory books, or personalized outfits. Other great gifts could be rattles, books, and other soft toys meant for infants.

Is mold or mildew a problem for baby?

Mold and mildew certainly are problems for babies. These things can cause respiratory problems that could potentially be fatal to the baby.

If father has AB positive blood and mother has A negative blood is there any problem for the child or the mother?

Yes this combination could cause problems for the baby it is called Rhesus Disease or RhD haemolytic disease of the new born. There are treatments available that should be discussed with your doctor. The problem occurs mostly not with the first baby that is Rh+ but the second one.

How are babies 1 month apart?

If the first baby is born in the last second of the first month Then the second baby could be born the next month

Is Selena Gomez's mother going to have a baby?

Yes after many years of infertility and via a possible egg donor she became pregnant