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It speeds the radiation of heat from the body, thus cooling it.

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Q: How could alcohol lead to hypothermia?
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In what condition could drinking alcohol lead to hypothermia?

damp, wet and cold conditions.

In what conditions could drinking alcohol cause hypothermia?

body temperature actually decreases.people who drink and then go out into the cold weather are at increased risk for hypothermia

What is a life threatening condition in which the body temperature becomes dangerously low anywhere below 95 degrees?

Hypothermia is a threatening condition, that can lead to death.

Could past alcohol abuse lead to seizures?


How do you overcome hypothermia?

The easiest way would be to get out of the cold. Hypothermia can be alleviated somewhat by wearing several layers of clothing, eating more carbohydrates (or more calories generally), and taking cover from the wind. The symptoms of hypothermia can be alleviated by drinking alcohol, but this is actually dangerous because alcohol actually causes death from hypothermia to occur more rapidly by inhibiting the body's protective response.

Do you die if you get hypothermia?

Yes you could die if you get Hypothermia it all depends on how cold you are and what is your body temperature

What are the conditions of hypothermia?

Based on personal experience, extreme cold weather is a major factor. Alcohol can also thin out the blood and make you think you are warmer than you are, which will lead to hypothermia in the wrong situations. Basically, any time the surrounding temperature is lower than your body temperature for an extended period of time, you can get hypothermia. It is far easier to get hypothermia in water than it is on land just due to the fact that you really can't warm the water up as easily as you can the air around you. The lower the temperature around you, compared to your body temperature, the quicker that hypothermia will set in.

What happens your body gets cold?

When your body gets cold, blood vessels near the skin's surface constrict to conserve heat, causing your body temperature to drop. The body may shiver to generate heat, and metabolism increases to help maintain core temperature. Prolonged exposure to cold can lead to hypothermia, where the body loses heat faster than it can produce it.

Because alcohol dilates blood vessels a person who goes outside in cold weather after drinking risk?


How could you die on Mt Everest?

By frost bite, or hypothermia.

Can hypothermia kill you?

yes it could if one does not get proper treatment.

Can hypothermia increase blood alcohol reading?

While I am not a physician, I honestly can't see how it could have any impact.There's a little complication here: hypothermia CAN change the breath alcohol reading; there have been a couple of papers published showing that mild hypothermia can cause a breathalyzer to read noticeably higher (about 20% higher) than it should based on the actual blood alcohol concentration. However, the same study found that it had no impact on the blood alcohol decay curve.If you're hoping to get out of a DUI this way, from a legal standpoint it doesn't really matter WHY your blood alcohol concentration was over 0.08%, it only matters THAT your blood alcohol concentration was over 0.08%. If it was a breath test only, you might be able to argue that you read higher than you should have because you were cold. If they actually took a blood sample, then the concentration was what it was and you're pretty much hosed.