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because he wanted to have a tattoo for the band (tokio hotel )that he is in because he wanted to have a tattoo for the band (tokio hotel )that he is in

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Q: How comes bill kaulitz had a tattoo at the age of 15?
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Does bill kaulitz want a oldder girlfriend?

He doesn't care about age except if she would be his mom age.

How old do you have to be to date bill kaulitz?

Same age or older. It seems he likes mature women.

What is the first song written by bill kaulitz?

Leb die sekunde at age 7 or 9.

Have bill kaulitz and tom kaulitz kissed anyone?

doh ! they are almost 21 ! tom got his first kiss at 10 and bill at the same age with the same girl as tom They have both had several gfs and are no longer virgins since the age of 14-15yo so of course they have.

When did Bill Kaulitz get surgery?

Bill Kaulitz, the younger of the Kaulitz twins, got his eye brow peirced at 12-13 years of age. So I'd say around 2000, because he just turned 22 September 1st.

Did Bill Kaulitz Wear Makeup in School?

bill started wearing makeup by the age of 9 , it was for a vampire costume for Halloween and since that time bill has Ward makeup

Where is Tom Kaulitz scar?

On his right cheek. bill pushed him into a glass table. You can see him saying it on Youtube. Tom Kaulitz has a scar on his right cheek. But it's barely noticeable. It's 2 - 3 centimeters long. He got it at a young age. At age 6, Bill and him were fighting then Bill gave him a hard push. A snowboard fell on him then yeah. ^_^

What is the youngest girl bill kaulitz has dated?

The girls that were his age when he was little and on vacation I assume. He hasn't had a girlfriend since he was 15.

Would bill kaulitz date young girls?

He said in an interview that age doesn't really matter to him and that he and Tom are pretty open

What if Bill Kaulitz dream girl looks older then she is would he still love her?

Age is age no matter what you look like and if she was a minor he would either choose to wait or move on.

When Did Tom And Bill Kaulitz stop looking like each other when they were young like what age?

i am pretty sure they stopped looking-alike in the age of 11 . tom had his dreads back then and bill started 2 spike his hair

When did Bill Kaulitz get his tattoos?

Bill Kaulitz got his first tattoo when he was 14 years old, of their Tokio Hotel Symbol on the back of his neck.His second one he got when he was 16, of stars inside of stars on his hip.When he was 18 he got one on his left arm saying "Freiheit 89" (Freedom 89).His most resent one he got was one saying "Wir Hören Nie Auf Zu Schreien, Wir Kehren Zum Ursprung Zurück" ( We'll Never Stop Screaming, We're Going Back To The Origin)