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to reproduce, to have an orgasm, because they are bored, because they are lonely, because they want to see what it's like, because their butt is sore from another man

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Q: How come some males want to be females?
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Why males more aggressive than females?

I am a male but I'll have to be honest. The answer to this question is that this is the difference of hormones which makes men/males so angry and aggressive. And also i want to say that the females have more maturity than males because the puberty in women/females starts earlier than males, and as you know puberty is a step to maturity and responsibilities.

Is pig a male or female?

The word "pig" can used for both males and females. If you want to be detailed, males are boars and females are sows.

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It's really up to what you want in a rat. Females are more active then males. But males are more cuddly then females. Females I've heard are better then males for first time rat owners ,but I got males and they are really awesome. I have never had females so I don't know but from what I've read. Males leave a little sent trail and little dots. Females go in heat. I would go with male rats but i would see a female rat owner too.

What are the release dates for Nature - 1982 What Females Want and Males Will Do Part 1 26-9?

Nature - 1982 What Females Want and Males Will Do Part 1 26-9 was released on: USA: 6 April 2008

Did girls have more sex power or boys?

Neither have more "power" some males are more dominate do to the fact the they want the intercourse more than the female. Its how they are genetically made, but some women are dominate. But regardless If one wants sex the other can deny, so they both have "power".Actually when it comes to sex females tend to "Control" sexual intercourse since males want to have it more than then females. If the female does not want to have sex than the males wont get sex.

Do guniea pigs smell?

yes they do, mostly it is there natural smell, but males stink worse than the females because they want to impress the females.

Are they different colors between males and female butterflies?

Guess: To attract females, the males show off (generically). To keep from being eaten, females look less attractive (muted colors).

Why did the egyptians only want males to become pharaoh?

people only wanted males to become pharaoh because males had more power then females did. also because this whole thing is WRONG!

One of the females in your mice's cage is attacking the males and has killed one what do you do?

get rid of it you don't want an unfreindly mouse

Why do male Diamond Tetra follow female Diamond Tetra?

Those females probably have something that the males want...

Will a boy parakeet and a girl parakeet fight?

depends if they are comfortable with each other. I haf 7 parakeets and some females and males fight, while others don't. U should probably put 2 males..but don't try 2 put 2 females. if u want babies put a nest with a male and female. Males cant mate with each other :P

Why do people want to get shorter?

People want to get shorter because of self-esteem issues. Often, with females, being taller than males impacts how they see themselves. This is awkward because females usually do not want to bend down to kiss a guy.