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  • Not all married men cheat on their wives. Some married men will have affairs (sometimes starting in their 40's) when they feel their looks and youth is slipping away at a rapid pace and they want to feel that magic feeling of a younger woman being interested in them again. There are some men that do have affairs with married women.

  • Often men that prefer single women it is because those women are younger and the man is trying to regain his youth and enjoys the excitement. This makes the single young woman his mistress if they are sexually active and there is a very low percentage that he will ever marry her and is using her strictly for a sexual relationship. These types of men want their cake and eat it too; they want their wife by their side, but want some excitement in their lives and a change of pace sexually. It is also more common than some people realize that both married men and women can have a sexual relationship fully knowing that neither of them will divorce their mates.
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Q: How come married men prefer single women to have an affair with rather than married women?
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Can a single Muslim woman have an affair with a married Muslim man?

No, he can't. A Muslim man (married or not married) can't, per Islam religion, have an affair with any woman (Muslim or non Muslim, single or not single) outside licit marriage per Islam religion.

What do you call a married man?

Lucky, happy, wealthy, broke, a good runner, ugly, divorced, single, or a bachelor.

Is it wrong for a single person to have an affair with a married person?

Depends on how your conscience works...for most people it feels wrong.

Why do married prefer to hang out with single friends?

For fun of course, just because someone is married it doesn't mean they can't hang out with your pals

What do you call a guys having an affair with a married woman?

Cheating. Lying. Sneaking. Risky business. Since both are married , they are adulterers. Single people are just fornicators.

Will a Pakistani Muslim man be forgiven for having an affair?

He will not be forgiven if he had an affair outside marriage unless he repents, intends not to do it again, and God for forgiveness. Then God by His mercy may forgive him. It is per Islam teachings that a Muslim man (married or not married) can't, per Islam religion, have an affair with any woman (Muslim or non Muslim, single or not single) outside licit marriage per Islam religion.

What is the best to ask a lady if she wants to have a extermarital affair?

ANSWER:You don't but if this is not good enough the only way you can is if you are married and she is single, you need to divorce your wife so you can do whatever you wanted to do with your life. If she is married and your single, tell her how you feel and ask her if she can divorce her husband so she can have affair with you. My god what is wrong with this picture, no one is allowed or its a sin to just think about having affairs with someone else if you or her is only opinion..

Who is Taylor Swift married to?

she is not married to anyone. She is single

Why would a married woman call a single man everyday at or after work to speak with him?

Unless they are good friends, I think she is trying to start affair.

What is a scorned lover?

ANSWER:A scorned lover is a person who had affair with married or single person who got dump by this person. So in return this scorned person especially a woman will become angry, will do everything to destroy or make troubles to the person this time I will put the wife because the married man stop the affair. Personal experience of mine the ex mistress of the man I married.

Why do single men date married women?

Answer ANo responsibility of a commitment. Answer BNot all single men date married women. For some there are few reasons why they pick married women; 1= A married woman has more experience when it comes to sex.2= A married woman knows how to treat their man feel special.3= Some single men are afraid to date single woman because they might get dumped.4= Some single men rather date married women because they don't have toexplain to them what they are doing away from them.This are few reason why some single men rather date married women. But sometimes single man do fall in love with the married woman and that will be the worst scenario when it comes to what they want.

How do you tell a woman you are having an affair with her husband?

Personally I think it should be him telling her, or at very least a family friend or pastor. In any event she should be told, but it would be better if she had to be told that he had ( past tense) an affair. The 'other woman' is the worst person to be informing her ... her wellbeing is of paramount importance in this situation, as she is the one being cheated on. Put her first.