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Wait for them to grow out of it. The chronic flirt is interested in playing games, not having relationships.

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Q: How can you win over a chronic flirt?
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How do you win back a guy?

well you just stay friends for a while and flirt.

What is the best way to win a heart of an unknown girl?

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How do you win a girl heart if you dont know her to well?

Get to know her, make her know you, and then flirt.

Why do some married guys still flirt with another girl over the internet?

Why does anyone flirt with anyone? Attention.

Easy steps to win a girl's love?

1) talk to them 2) gentaly flirt with her 3) compiment her

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you know there over you if they flirt or date other guys

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you can talk to them.or flirt

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angels,, they will flirt with demons..then kill them..:)

I'm in 8th grade there's this girl at my school that I absolutely love in 9th grade she doesn't know I exist we only have a month of school left before she goes to highschool how do I win her over?

flirt it her in but always work

How do you get over being dumped when you see him everyday?

flirt with anthor guy

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Shouldn't it be "over chronic cases?"

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