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to text a block number you of to have a computer

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Q: How can you text a blocked number?
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How do i get a number blocked and also how do i get the text messages blocked i am with nextel sprint. will there be a charge if the phone company does it can you just do it online?

to block = *67 (star sixty seven) to block text = you cant No charge

Is your mobile number blocked if calls and texts are unreachable?

No it is not blocked if you can still make calls and text people, it just means there is something wrong with your network.

What does destination blocked mean when you try to send a text message?

Destination blocked is a message one can receive when attempting to reach a number that is blocked from the phone you are using. This often appears on phones where premium texting, or texts that attach an additional charge to your phone bill, are blocked and one attempts to text a premium service.

Will my text message say message failed if i send a text to someone who blocked my number?

Yes... when you send a text message - if the other phone accepts the message - it sends a 'ping' back to you - to let you know it reached its destination. If someone has blocked your number, the 'ping' cannot happen - and the network will state 'message failed'.

Can I get texts from a blocked number? is possible for a person to block their number when sending a text, i have no idea.....i am researching that now.

What happens if you block a number?

If you try to make a phone call to the service that they blocked you from, you call will either have a message played to you that your call could not be connected, or your call will simply hang up immediately after it starts ringing.

How can I Dial a Blocked Telephone number from my Blocked Telephone number?

It is not recommended to try to dial a blocked telephone number from your own blocked number. If the number is blocked, it is likely for privacy or security reasons. If you have a legitimate need to contact the person, consider reaching out through other means or contacting your phone service provider for assistance.

How do you text maroon 5?

i have tryed to and they blocked it and it did not work!! i was sad :<

How can you tell if the text messages was blocked?

usually it says it is unknown textmessage

How come my phone will let me text other people but wont let me text one person i texted before?

It sounds like they've either blocked you specifically from texting them or blocked all texts in to them.

Give you example of spoof text?

An example of a spoof text is when you send a text to someone else and it looks like a different person sent it. There are websites and apps that will disguise your number when you send a text.

What does SMS error 98 Message ID 214 mean when you text some boby?

If a person is getting the SMS error 98 message with an ID of 214 when they text somebody, this means the person has the number blocked. A person may attempt to call the number to verfiy this information.