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]. if you're not scared to talk to him in person..just tell him that you like him. if he says the same. go out ! =]. good luck. <3 hoped that my advice helped a little. ==

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2008-07-07 08:35:35
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Q: How can you tell this guy i like him after he told him he liked you?
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You like this guy but your friend went out with him will she be mad if i tell her i like him?

If your friend is going out with him, and you tell her you like that same guy, she might get a little jealous. But its not your fault he is cute. Trust me, there is this cute boy in my class, and a lot of girls I know like him. When they told me they liked him, I got jealous, even though im not going out with him.;)

Can you have a crush on someone without being nervous around them?

Yeah you can I told this guy i liked him and he was like "REALLY? I couldn't tell I mean u were so chill and didn't really obbsess over me like most girls."

If a guy started texting me sounding like he was interested in me. Then all of a sudden stopped. When I told him that I liked him he said I just want to go with the flow. What does that mean?

It means he is not man enough to tell you that he isn't interested...or he's keeping his options open.

What does it mean when a guy smile after kissing?

they liked the kiss, and they like you.(:

What to do if the guy you like is dating your friend?

I have the exact same problem heres how it happened I have liked this guy for a year and my friend didnt know and last week she said to me "i like Darren" and i said me to i have liked him for 1 year and yesterday they started going out but i cant tell my friend its just to hard!! i don't think we can so anything So i have liked this guy for a couple weeks now. I told him that and he told me i like you too. i was too afraid to ask him out then, so i was gonna wait a couple days, and when i did i was about to hit call on my phone and i got a text from him and it said sorry i don't like you anymore. I was so upset i was like then who do u like? then he said my BEST friend's name. they weerre hanging out all the time at the mall and stuff, but i got so mad and all my other friends thinks he like me. But then yesterday my friend told me her and the guy i like (vinnny) are going out! i don't know what to do?! i like him A LOOOT! annnd im in a fight with my friend bc they were going out for a while and she didnt tell me!!!! what should i do?! annnd my frieend diiidnt invitee me to thee malll but she invited everybody else but me! and now al looot of my friends thinks he still likees me buut idk! pleasee heeelp! i have a prob like that 2 my friend alexa welll at least i think were friends ( i hate her guts) shes dating this guy named Emmett that i like really really really 10 times more than her and he told me he liked me in third grae and nw he likes her and im dying inside what should i do

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You were told that a guy likes you and you told him that you liked him then he asks you if you like him please help me?

tell him how you feel so what is the problem

GIRLS HELP there is a girl who told you she liked you and you liked her then she told you she didnt like you then she went out with a guy now there done and you still like her but she has no clue?

tell her you like her! she will soo love you for that!! i bet she still likes you.

A guy told you he liked you 5 months after you told him you liked him What do you do if you're not sure you like him back or want to go out with him?

I thought you said you liked him! Anyway, just tell him the truth. you have to be assertive with these kinds of things.

What do you do if you told a guy you liked him. then the guy you really like likes you and you dont want to hurt the first guys feeling?

Tell the first guy the truth.

What if you told a guy you liked him and he told you he liked you a to?

Ask him out.

You told the guy you liked that you liked and he just smiled does he like you?

usully he does or it depends if he is an ass.

How do you get a girl who is leaving school to like you?

just tell her how you feel, i have a friend who liked a guy and she had liked him for ages and she just told him and they have been going out for 9 months now so i would just tell her !

You like a guy You've already told him you like him in notes but he still won't tell you if he likes you back You're falling hard for the guy and can't stop thinking about him What do you do?

If he liked you he would have told you. Sorry to say, he probably doesnt like you.

What do you do if you are in love with your friends crush?

If she told you she liked him first, Get over it. If you told her first than tell her you really like him and really think about asking this guy out that's what i would do=)

What would you do if a guy came up to you and he said a guy liked you and you liked him back but it turned out to be a joke?

you stalk the boy till he likes you or you can find the guy that told you that the guy liked you and tell him to f off and smack in the face :) I totally agree

Should you tell a guy you like even though you told him the same thing a while ago?

Yes because he could have liked you but was trying to hide it.

The guy you liked told your best friend he liked you?


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