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You cannot. An ATM card number and the corresponding bank account number are seldom the same. The only way to find it is to use the correct PIN number for that ATM card and then try to get a mini statement advice from the ATM machine. The bank statement will contain the account number linked to this ATM card.

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Q: How can you tell the bank account number from card?
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How do you write a letter to change bank account number?

start with salutation then tell your name , current bank account number then tell that you want to change your bank account number soon tel the reason (optional)

How do you check account person name from bank account number?

Call the bank and maybe they'll tell you, otherwise you won't be able to know.

How do you remove a signature card on a corporate bank account?

You might have to go to your bank to tell you about: "Corporate Account: Multiple Signers with No Signature Cards",then ask your question on how to remove a signature card on corporate bank account.I think you have to send a letter to your bank along with your card to remove to your bank, they have more info than I do because I just googled it.

Will attorneys hired by collection agencies ask for credit card info?

Yes don't give them your credit card info, checking account number or tell them where you work at or bank at, they will use it all against you to clean you out.

Can someone trasfer money from your debit card on Paypal without your permission if he knows your card number and has added it as his own?

Paypal has security features in place that should prevent him from being able to add it on his account, but you should still contact Paypal and your bank right away. You may want to cancel that debit card immediately and get a new one. Also, be sure to tell your bank exactly why you want to cancel the card, and tell Paypal that you do not authorize your card's use on your friend's account.

How can I find out the name of person from the credit card number?

The name is not encoded in the credit card number. You will have to ask the bank (they should not tell you!)

How online mobile recharge card works?

Most of them work by being linked to a bank account. You call the phone company, tell them how much credit you want on your account, and the money is transferred from your bank account to theirs.

How do you be a imvu VIP without a credit card?

all you have to do is go to the bank then if you have an account then tell them make you vip it works

how do i make a bank account?

go to the bank and tell them you want to open account

How can one tell if a credit card number is valid?

In order to know whether or not the credit card number is valid, one should check out from the bank of the credit card, or using the card at an ATM machine.

How do you transfer money from your bank account to your french bank account?

There are three ways. 1. There should be a bank in France (if France is where you are talking about) that you will have to give them your money and they will convert it into french money. 2. If you have a credit card, you might have to call you credit card company to tell them that you would like to transfer your money to france. 3. If you have cash, bring it to your local bank and see if they can convert it into french money or convert it into french money into a card.

How can I know about the status of my sbi bank ticket number?

Call the customer care number which is back side of your ATM debit card and tell them your ticket number. They will tell status of your ticket number.