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Well..... To figure out this, you need to ask yourself one question. "Do I like this person?" If you're a boy and you want to know if a girl likes another guy, simply watch her and see if she's flirting, or staring at him. Girl stuff. If your a girl and you want to know if a boy likes another girl, ask her. You heard me. Ask her. Ask her if shes noticed him trying to get to her, or staring, or picking on her. Or you could see if that boy you like is smiling every time she talks to him or makes a joke. You'll know if he likes her. You'll get your stomach tied up in a knot, or you'll feel jealous. You don't need to hate her. You need to control your emotions and just try to talk to him more and relate if you guys have anything in common. Same with the boys.


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If you are discovering these things on someone, you should tell them. They can ignore you. They can talk about you behind your back. Or this person may not want to chat with you or sit next to you. Ask their friends if they ever talk about you in a good way. If they dont talk good about you then they don't like you.

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By asking if they are truthful, or spying on them.

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ask him, but ask him some other questions first, then ask him if he likes someone then ask some more random questions, so he doesn't get suspicious.

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Q: How can you tell if someone doesnt like you?
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What do you do when someone you like likes someone else?

Tell then how you feel, If that doesnt Work, Move on...

What do you do when your friend likes a guy and he doesnt like her what do you tell her?

To find someone better.

What do you do when you like someone who already has a girlfriend?

i have been in the exact same situation and you tell him and then ask if he likes you back and if he does then say do you wanna date or something like that and if he doesnt then he doesnt

What if your best guy friend likes your best girl friends but she doesnt like him How should you tell him?

Tell him she sees him like a brother , or just as a friend , or she likes someone else.

How can you tell a guy you like don't like you?

If he doesnt talk to you, takes no notice of you, then he doesnt like you. :(

How can you tell if a guy does not like you at all?

if he doesnt flirt with you 24/7 then he doesnt like you...(=

Should you like a girl who like someone else?

you can like her but that doesnt mean that she doesnt like you too

How can you get girls 2 like you?

Tell the girl you like her.. if she doesnt respond with "i like you too" then start talking to someone else she knows until she gets jealous.. trust me.. she will, even if you cant tell. Then you act like your over her.

How do you stop someone messing with your girlfriend and she doesnt like him?

Tell him to bug off you're going to charge him with harrassment. Good Luck!

How do you if really love someone?

how you can tell is if he is acting funny he wont have sex with you .he wont open up to you and he doesnt flatter you like he used to

How can you tell if he doesnt like you?

You can tell by how he acts and if you notice him making a face like he does not want to hang out with you , then tell him strait that you can tell he does not like you .

What do you do when your girlfriend says maybe to everything?

she doesnt want to do it or doesnt like what you are telling her...and doesnt want to tell you or you to know