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1: The man will (depending on age) show different tell tale signs-for example, if they are younger they might try to touch you as often as they can. Whereas the older men may stare dreamily every now and then-they will almost always try to catch your eye!

2: It sounds stupid-but just ask him! At first he may be too embarrassed to tell you truthfully-especially when you have company! But just keep asking-men love persistency!

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Q: How can you tell if a man really loves you?
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What are the signs that a man really loves you?

If the man trully loves you he should be brave enough to tell you, If he isnt, ask him about it.

When a man doesn't tell you he loves you?

When a man don't tell you he loves, just leave he might tell you he 'loves' you when you leave but that's it.

How do you tell if this married woman really loves you?

It isalways impossible to tell if somebody really loves you. And also - what is love?

Why would a man that told you he still loves then you find him kissing another girl why would he tell me that?

Maybe he doesn't really know that he loves you.

My boyfriend tell me he really lov me but when we go to school he don't talk to me do he really love me?

A man who loves you truly is proud of you and is glad to be seen with you. This boyfriend is not that man.

How can you tell if a man is just using you for sex or really loves you?

If you are a prostitute or ugly, he probably doesn't love you.

How much does you boyfriend love you?

he should tell he loves you if he really loves you

How you no if a men from Accra Ghana really love you and u live in America?

You can tell if a man from Ghana really loves you when you are American if he proposes to marry you.

How do you know if the man you are sleeping with loves you?

He will tell you.

How do you tell if he really loves you?

Get him alone and ask him.

How do you tell if my boyfriend really loves me?

A wise man said "love can only be known by the actions it prompts". So look at how your boyfriend behaves towards you if he really loves you he would treat you with love and respect

How do you know if a man likes you for you and doesn't just want to get you into bed?

Ask him "Do you love me?" Look into his eyes, and you can tell if he really loves you. It is that simple.

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