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A hickey requires suction. Licking and kissing...Well, kind of don't.

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Q: How can you tell if a guy is giving you a hickey or just licking and kissing your neck?
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What does it mean when your blood is coming out from every hickey?

It probably means that you are sucking on the hickey way to hard and you are accidentally pulling blood out from the hickey. If you think that that is gross, you should just either stop giving hickeys or stop sucking on them so hard! that will decrease the taste of blood for sure.

Can you give someone a hickey on their penis?

Yea you can... its just broken blood vessels, you can get a hickey anywhere.Yes

How do give a hickey?

suck on there neck alot still it turn red thats how you know you can give it out good

How do you give a good hickey?

just suck on their neck or where ever you wanna give the hickey too, just suck it easy and make sure it doesn't hurt because some hickey hurts, just do it smooth and easy (:

Can you get a hickey on your neck by someone just breating on you?


How can you stop your shih-tzu from licking?

Well there is really no common way to stop a dog licking. If your stumped on ideas I would just say "ah ah" and gently push there muzzle away until they stop licking. You could also try giving them a treat when they stop too, so they will know it's good not to lick.

Does the boyfriend in a relationship give the girlfriend a hickey?

It can go either way. The boyfriend giving it to the girlfriend or the girlfriend giving it to the boyfriend. And just in case you roll this way: girlfriend to girlfriend or boyfriend to boyfriend works out too. I don't think there are any rules for this.

How do you know if a girl likes you if she acts shy around you but flirts with you by licking her lips and saying hi and giving you hugs?

possibly. or maybe she's just a big tease. You know just by the stuff in your question..

Is a 12 year old too young for a hickey?

I am 12 and i think it is definitely too young, sorry! *not the same person from above* umm, i think its a little weird and unreasonable at 12 to have a hickey... i think its ok to be hickied as long as it didnt show up so it basically isn't a hickey. but then again.. i would just stick to lip and cheek kissing and possibly un messy makeouts at 12... sincerely, another 12 year old girl (wonderinggurl1414) <3

How do you erase hickey?

You cannot erase a bruise. A hickey is a bruise. You'll just have to wait until it heals on its own in a few days or weeks.

How do you make a hickey?

Just suck on their skin. It is essentially a bruise.

What movie was it where a girl was kissing someones hand then all of a sudden started licking their arm?

Are you sure you're not thinking of the TV series Friends - guest star Brooke Shields did just that as a fan of Joey's Days Of Our Lives character.