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She is not joking. And she is not truly your friend. She is maliciously trying to exploit your friendship to selfishly satisfy her maladjusted sexuality, at your moral and psychological expense. Google DSM III and look under Homosexuality. Homosexually is a mental health problem, not a lifestyle choice. It was removed from DSM IV due to political pressure put on the DSM folks by gay lesbian special interests groups who were trying to legitimize their behavior and by insurance companies not wanting to be held financially responsible to help homosexuals recover from the ever increasing mental illness. Homosexuality is not just a lifestyle choice, it is a mental health disorder. Homosexually is contagious because straight people seduced into homosexual acts often are so distressed afterward that their mental health is altered too. Suggest you get her out of your life as soon as possible. Do not worry about hurting her feelings either, she is not worried about hurting your mental well being one bit. She was probably seduced and is now hooked.

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Q: How can you tell if a close girl friend is joking when she talks of kissing or hooking up with you?
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