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Your problem is extremely common. Most people are very shy and tongue-tied. Don't feel bad. I use to be super shy when I was younger and if someone of the opposite sex even said hello to me I would turn all red in the face. I got so tired of it and in my very first job I meet a wonderful older employee who told me this, "Take a course in public speaking. When you have to get up to speak in public think of all those people with their clothes off and sitting on the john." I thought this person was on drugs, but I got thinking about it and enrolled in public speaking classes. It wasn't easy and I messed up a couple of times, but then those words rang in my ears, "All those people out there are nude and sitting on the john!" It worked! I'm glad I took those courses because in some of my jobs I did have to address board members at a board meeting, speak to other people from other countries and I was very comfortable with it. Other people are also very shy and once you realize this you'll feel more comfortable. Even if the other person seems super out-going most of the time it's a cover-up. Never try to be someone else, just be yourself. If you have a quiet nature then stay that way, and if you are more extroverted after you get to know someone then "let the sunshine in!" Remember, we are all chameleons (changing color) several times during a day. People don't really get to know what we are about until they know us on a more personal basis. Once home we are ourselves and nothing like that person out in the real world. People cover up all sorts of phobias and doubts in their minds as to what they are capable of and go through the motions. So, you aren't alone. Just walk right up to that girl, ask her out if you like and go somewhere you might enjoy. Perhaps you might be more comfortable with lots of friends around until you get to know this person better or you would feel more comfortable going to a quiet place to have a more intimate conversation. You are in control, so use it. Good luck Marcy

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Well, you have to talk to her very decetly, and you have to be easy and act like you know about what you are talking, the actitude is very very important to her

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Q: How can you talk to a girl when you are really nervous in front of her?
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What does it mean when a boy get close when you talk?

that he really likes you and he isn't nervous in front of you xx

What does it mean when you talk to your boyfriend and your heart races?

Not being a girl, and knowing from what I know... It means that your really nervous talking to him.

Can a very outgoing guy who basically can talk to anyone including strangers be very shy to ask a girl out?

yes! They are more nervous to talk because they really like the girl. he's not being a scarediy cat he is just nervous because he likes her too.

How do you talk to a girl you really like Its not that you are not confident its just that you feel so nervous next to her?

Just breathe out, say you can do this, then go for it.

Why does this girl talk to you on chat?

Well maybe she is nervous before meeting you. Sometimes girls are really nervous and some girls arent. Just give them time and they willl come around. Now if you have already met a girl and she just wants to talk to you on chat, she just maybe doesnt have time to text or talk on the phone.

What would make a guy nervous to talk to a girl?

A guy might be nervous to talk to a girl if he is unsure of how she will respond, lacks confidence in himself, or has feelings for her that make the interaction feel more significant. It's common for nerves to kick in when there's a fear of rejection or a desire to make a good impression.

What could you talk about to President Obama?

I would talk about how to speak in front of a crowd without getting nervous

I know a girl likes you and shes not nervous to talk to you i like her?

Ask her out !!!

How do you talk to a girl I like if i get nervous around her?

I thnk that's a question only a girl knows the answer to.

Why do guys act nervous around a girl?

Guys may feel nervous around a girl they like because they fear rejection, want to make a good impression, or lack confidence in their social skills. It's a common reaction when they have feelings for someone and are unsure how to express them.

Why is it normal to be nervous at the start of a speech?

It's normal to be nervous at the start of a speech because of the pressure to perform well and the fear of being judged by the audience. This is known as performance anxiety and is a common reaction to public speaking situations. With practice and preparation, these nerves can be reduced.

Why do you get nervous when you try to talk to the girl but not at all when im about to go play basketball in front of 100 people?

Because you care more about that one person than you do a hundred people.