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Q: How can you stop from coming up when you go to facebook?
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When are the black veil brides coming to Ohio?

If you have a facebook, like their band page. When they go on tour, it shows all their tour dates. If they do go, they will stop at Cincinnati . Andrew was raised there, they also might go to the other big cities in Ohio too.

How do you stop a friend viewing your wall on facebook?

Block them, unfriend them or go to setting :)

How do you stop emails from facebook?

Go to your settings and click on email. There should be boxes you can check off to stop emails.

How do you stop getting emails for notifications on facebook?

go to your facebook icon on your blackberry, then click on facebook, once you are on newsfeed click the blackberry button on your pad, then go to ' options' scroll down the screen then click on the box to get rid of the facebook notifications you do not want.

How do you stop on a wake board?

either crashing or letting go of the rope and slowly coming to a stop

How To Block Facebook Messages Coming Into What if your Email?

Just go to your settings and block the messages from going to the email

How do you get a Facebook app to stop emailing you?

It is ver simple. 1st go to the Facebook website. 2nd log in 3rd go to privacy settings 4th go to emails and notifications 5th select do not send me emails about my notifications.

Where is the deepest be body of water in the Bahamas?

Stop Coming To This Website And Go To The Library.!$ *~

How do you stop Stardoll updates on your facebook?

you have to go onto stardoll and disconnect it from facebook. you will find that in my account. if you need more help, contact me on stardoll. my name on stardoll is thaliasookhai12

Is Lady Gaga coming to Prince George Canada?

Probably not! You can go under her page in facebook and find out where her tour is going.

How do you delete Facebook notifications on the itouch?

If you wanna stop facebook notifications go onto settings>notifications>facebook and then turn sounds , alerts and badges all off. i work for apple California i would no Trust me

How do you stop Facebook user sending you emails on Facebook?

Log into your Email account (the one you get FB mails to). Open the FB mail, or tick it. Go to options and choose report to spam. After a while FB would stop Emailing you.