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This only and only depends on your diet. Without diet plans it is impossible.

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Q: How can you stay skinny?
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How much water do you have to drink to stay skinny?

you should drink about 3 to 6 cups of water to stay skinny

How does Nick Jonas stay so skinny and muscular?

he has to stay skinny, and eat healthy and work out, because of his diabetes, probably.

How does miley stay skinny?

she went on a diet

Why do skinny people always stay skinny without trying to lose weight?

Fast Matabolism

Why do sims have to stay skinny in sims?

Sims dont have to stay skinny, in sims. But, it is good because, if they are fat another sim who they have a crush on might be turned off by fatness.

How does maci bookout stay so skinny?


Does working out make you stay the same height?

no it makes you skinny and taller

What does danelle do for a living?

stay skinny all the daamn time and be anerexic and belemic...

What kinds of food should you not eat to stay skinny?

dont eat fruit and vegies and eat lots of cakes and donuts

How do emos stay so skinny?

haha they ither spew them selves or dont if u turn emoo it wont make u skinny all a sudden

What does it mean when no matter how much you eat and stay skinny my cousin told me its a trait we have?

You have a high metabolism

How does David Tenant stay so thin if he doesn't do sport?

David is just a naturally skinny person.