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You need to install an emoji app like Spell Number onto your device. That will let you access a key board that has all sorts of symbols.

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Q: How can you put icons in your name in whoshere app?
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How do you put little symbols next to a contact on the iPhone 4?

Download the app "icons" Then go to your contacts - press edit - name and put any icon you want before the name. (to switch from typing letter to icons press "globe" button). Much easier and faster. If you dont have pictures in your contacts download "smartsynch" from Apple store and get pictures from FaceBook.

Is there a quick way to take apps out of the folders?

In the settings app, there is a reset option for all the icons to reorganize them. They will be put in alphabetical order

What is the name of the app where you store apps in?

As far as I'm concerned there is no is app for that put you can make folders on your home screen put them in.

How do you put apps in iPod Touch?

Hold your finger on an app until they all start wiggling. Drag one app on top of another that you want to group it with. It will make a folder and give it a default name which you can change. You can add more icons in the same way, or remove icons from a group by dragging them out.

How do you put icons below your MySpace pictures?


Can you put custom icons on memory sticks and how?

Yes. You can put custom icons on a memory stick like you would put a normal file on a memory stick.

What app can you use to put two pictures together?

Picture frames is the name of the app.

How do you put icons in your display name?

I don't know how you MAKE an icon with your name on it. can go to "" and search your name. There will be a bunch with your name on it them you can follow the directions to use one.

What is the name of the app that takes a picture of the person who put the pass code in wrong?

I have no I clue why are you asking me

How do you put icons on your name for xat?

To edit you avatar, click your name, then paste an image url, to add emotes to your name, simply type the emotes name into the name box, for example (XP) or (smiley) and confirm.

How so you delete uninstalled games on an ipod?

put your finger over the app for like 3 seconds, the apps will start shaking and an "x" will appear on the icons, touch it, confirm that you want to delete it, done... then press the home buttom

What is the app you use to put cartoon faces on a picture?

The app that you can use to put cartoon faces on a picture is known as the Draw a Cartoon Face App or the Two Faces app. These apps are free for download from the app store.