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Quit Smoking MJ

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Q: How can you lower THC levels in the body?
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Tested diluted want to know will it lower levels of THC or give same level in wich you would have if no diluted?

It will give you lower levels, which is why you do it.

Can cranberry juice reduce the THC levels in your body?


Why do your THC levels stay high when you have not smoked?

Because the thc gets stored in the fat cells in your body. The more fat you have on your body, the longer it will take your body to completely process it out of your system

Does milk thistle remove THC from your system?

Absoloutly not. THC levels will stay for up to 72hrs or more depending on body mass.

Can you show lower levels of THC in a urine test?

yes some buisneses will let it slide if its below a certain amount

Why are your THC levels going up and down?

THC is a lipid-soluble polypeptide, meaning it is stored in fat cells. Your THC can drop as you stop smoking and your body metabolizes it into THC-OH and THC-COOH. However afterwards if you burn off more of the THC embued fat cells, the THC in these cells is released into your bloodstream causing a spike in the levels present. It is possible to always have some amount of THC in your body, even years after you quit smoking. Drugs tests usually only test for levels of 50 nanograms per milliliter (50ng/ml) so as long as your below this even Gas Chromatography Mass Spectometry (GCMS tests) cannot detect these amounts.

How do you get THC in your body?

You can get THC in your body by consuming marijuana.

How do you lower copper levels in the body?

Lower copper level by using Zinc and Vitamin C

Do THC levels drop when you quit smoking?

Of course they do. The only time THC is present in your body is when you are smoking to about 10-15 days later, it could b longer depending on the potency or "dankness."

How does THC break down in the body?

how does THC break down in the body

Can your THC levels continue to go up after you quit smoking?

rarely does your THC level rise if you have quit smoking but THC in the body is stored within fat cells so it may take a long while to get rid or lower the level of THC that is detected in your body and this level rarely but can go up if you are around the second hand smoke of other smokers Exception: Personal experience: My brother has several health issues, including being overweight. He stopped smoking 67 days ago. His THC levels have seriously fluctuated in these 67 days. Because of this fluctuation, he was incarcerated this morning. I know he has not smoked or been in the presence of smoke. He is a single parent and has custody of his son. He is overweight and because THC is stored in your fat cells, when he works outside and sweats alot-- his THC levels were higher. The pre-trial representative administered urine tests weekly. I believe because of the possibility of THC levels to fluctuate to this extreme; while waiting on the THC to completely leave your system, many people are being wrongly accused and incarcerated. I am taking drug test three times a week.I've 25 and had been smokeing since i was 16. I am 200lbs. I have not smoked in 35 days. My levels are going up and down too! DSS will take my child form me because my levels are not consistantly going down.

Does urinating often lower THC levels in the body?

NO, most all drugs are processed by the liver(broken down) then the by products of this process as pass through the urine as waste products. That is what urine drug tests actually test for are the by products of drug's metabolism by the body's, not the actual drug its self.