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There really isn't a good way to know if you are pregnant or not unless you take a test at home or in the doctors office. You can get pregnancy tests at any drug store and most grocery stores. Or you can go to Planned Parenthood and they can give you a test and adivce on what to do. You should be able to look the number up in the phone book. And if you think you are pregnant or find out you are, you need to talk to a trusted adult and let them know. Eventually they are going to find out. It's better to tell them early so they can help you get the help you need to have while you are pregnant. And you also need support for whatever decision you make about the pregnancy, abortion, adoption or keep the baby. Planned Parenthood can help you make all these decisions and figure out what to do.

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Q: How can you know if you are pregnant without taking a test and if you are young what do you do if you are pregnant?
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How can you know if you pregnant without taking a test?

You cannot.

How can you know if you are pregnant without taking a test?

You cant know without taking a test to check for HCG. If you have an ultrasound scan the baby can be seen, later the fetal heart can be heard by Doppler, and later still the baby can be seen moving.

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By taking a pregnancy test

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You would know if you are pregnant without using a pregnancy test by checking the vagina,and sticking your finger up through your vagina,and then If it tastes like cheese,you are pregnant.

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What happens if your pregnant and you take BC?

Then you are pregnant. Birth control pills will not have major side effects on the fetus, but it is best to stop taking them as soon as you know you are pregnant.

Will a baby be born with a birth defect if you are taking a diet pill and do not know if you are pregnant?

I know of no birth defects associated with diet pill use, but know two things: 1) As soon as you discover you are pregnant, you should stop taking all over-the-counter medicines until you first talk with your doctor and get his okay. 2) No one who is pregnant should be taking diet pills, so don't continue.

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i personally would take a test or go see a doctor i know stress personally and vigerous exercise can change legnth of period also age if your young i know personally periods can fluctuate without being pregnant