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Yes u can

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Q: How can you inflate your breasts?
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How do you inflate your breasts?


What is the prefix in inflate?

The prefix in "inflate" is "in-".

How does bambi blaze inflate her breasts?

Bambi Blaze uses syntetic items over her breasts that simulate women's brest, that when air is added, they expand. There is a clip at her site that shows one failing as the video is being made.

Can you inflate breasts with helium?

yes if you go to a doctor and ask for the balloon treatment they will pump helium in your boobs and in a few weeks your breasts will deflate at night but they will grow in the morning. But in two months it makes them flat.

What part of speech inflate?

Inflate is a verb.

To fill with air?

To inflate means to fill something with air or gas in order to make it expand or become larger and more firm. This process is commonly used in activities like inflating balloons, tires, or air mattresses.

What inflates its body with air when its threatened?

Blowfish/pufferfish inflate with water when underwater, but inflate with air when removed from that environment.

What is the antonym for inflate?

The antonym of "inflate" is "deflate", if used to mean 'fill with air'. If 'inflate' is used as a meaning of 'exaggerate', then the antonym would be 'understate'.

Could a balloon inflate with soda gas?

Yes, but it will not inflate very much

Does the porcupine fish inflate or inhabit to look bigger in front of its enemies?


How can you inflate bigger?

You can inflate objects and make them bigger by adding air to the object. Balloons and tires are objects that require air in order to inflate and make them bigger.

How do you spell inflate?

That is the correct spelling of the verb "to inflate" (to blow up, fill with air).