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Press: *#0002*28346# Press "back" twice to get to the main menu Press: 1 (RCV-Config) Press: 2 (Call Config) Press 3: RCV Codec Gain Press 4: cod_rx Type value 12 and press OK. Maximum volume is now set to 12 dB for during phonecalls. Press the hang-up key. High volume is now set. You'll need to decrease the volume during your next phonecall !! You can also find the volume settings for other things like for the MP3 player etc in the menu. Use at your own risk! If you switch off the phone and turn it on again, settings may be replaced again by the defaults.

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Q: How can you increase the volume on your samsung u900 soul?
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How do you delete recent text recipients for the samsung u900?

this is currently the only way i know of (restoring the factory settings - the correct way) but be warned, this removes EVERYTHING from your phone so be sure to back up first! ie save EVERYTHING you want to keep to computer / or memory card and remove and ensure all contacts are copied to the sim card. you will obviously have to reconfigure your phone to the way you had it, display, ringtones etc after this procedure. on the home screen type in *#6984125*# the phone will load "admin setting" select #2 "Pre-configuration" and the phone should ask for an operator code, here enter (you won't see it when you type, it'll be ***** out) *#73561*# - confirm the phone will now display the pre - config page, your country should be selected select install phone will install and reboot recent recipients are gone!!

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