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Drink more water

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2010-05-13 16:04:57
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Q: How can you go to the toilet more while pregnant?
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Is it safe to smell toilet cleaners while pregnant?

many people do but depending on what kind of toilet cleaner it is, it isn't safe because there is many different chemicals that you can breathe in that can go do the baby.

Why do you need the toilet all of the time but cant ever go?

Maybe you are pregnant...?

Do pregnant sows still go into heat?

No, when a mammal is pregnant it will not go into heat while it is pregnant.

Can elbows go on the back while pregnant?

Elbows do bend toward the back while pregnant. The only change that might happen to your elbows while pregnant is that they get extremely dry while pregnant.

When i went to the toilet this morning i noticed a small amount of red blood on the toilet roll. I am 19 weeks pregnant is this normal What should i do?

You should go to your doctor

Is it good to go to dentist while you are pregnant?

It´s very important that you go. Everything changes in your body when pregnant and so does the saliva. many women get more cavaties when pregnant so it´s important to follow that up.

What do astronauts while having diarrhea?

do what normal people do in this situation: go to the toilet.

Can you fly to go on holiday while pregnant?

Yes you can go on a holiday, by air if you are pregnant. The question they will ask is how many months pregnant are you?

Do you have periods when you are pregnant?

no No; go see a doctor ASAP if you have bleeding while pregnant.

How does a spaceman go to the toilet?

They like to go to the toilet!!!!!!!!!! on tuesdays:sThey like to go to the toilet!!!!!!!!!! on tuesdays:s

Can you go swimming while you're pregnant?


can a female dog in heat arouse a male dog while pregnant?

A female dog does not go into heat while pregnant.

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