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for a birthday gift say every month bill comes ill help pay for it, and dont get in troubble within 3 months of your birthday

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Q: How can you get your dad to buy you a phone for your birthday?
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How can you get your dad to buy you a phone?

suck them off!

What should you get your dad for his birthday and why?

-Buy him a funny birthday card. -Get him some kind of tools. -Electronics. -Beer

Where can i buy a good 4g phone for my friend's birthday gift?

You can buy a good 4g phone for your friend's birthday gift at any tmobile dealership or online at

How can you convince your dad to give you his old phone?

You can't I tried Buy ur own

What should you buy your dad for his birthday?

A mug or a funny teeshrit something that he can use all the time

What prepaid phone provider is the best?

the best prepaid phone provider is Best buy mobile. My dad bought the IPhone 4s and had no problems.

How can you get an iPad from your dad?

Ask him to give it to you. Maybe for school, maybe for a birthday or Christmas present. If he doesn't, buy it yourself.

How do you get your dad to buy you a blackberry?

tell him you will be very helpfull around the house for a month and he doesnt even have to get you a birthday pressent

What do you do if you lose your cell phone and its dead?

I really do not no what to do buy a new one tell your mom and dad and look every were

What did Bella Swan dad get her for her 18th birthday?

Bella Swan's dad got her a camera for her 18th birthday.

Where can I buy a cell phone for my dad?

If you want to buy a new cell phone you can go to your local Apple store, Verizon store, AT&T store, T-Mobile store, Best Buy, Costco, BJ's, Sam's Club, or Wal-Mart.

What can you do on your birthday with you dad and 2 friends?

You could go to the cinema, go swimming and your dad could sit on the side. You could go shopping and get your dad to buy you something nice. There are lots of possibilities

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