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Space and time are the best ways to ebb a crush. Don't hang out with the person or go to places where you know they will be. What you're crushing on is your fantasy of the person, someone with your image of ideal traits who reciprocates your feelings. You're not crushing on the average, ordinary person they truly are, with good traits and flaws like everyone else. Anytime you start daydreaming about them, replace that image with some memory of them that makes them unattractive to you. Realizing it is a crush is important. A crush doesn't usually go anywhere, and can be a painful heartache when he or she moves into a relationship with someone else. So, have fun with it, but know that most often it is not a happy ending. It's a Crush! and in the end you'll be crushed. You really can't make yourself do it. Things like that take time.

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Q: How can you get rid of a crush?
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