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Throw it in the trash and get Verizon

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Q: How can you get better service with your cricket phone?
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What is a better kind of cheap cell phone pocket phone or cricket or go phone?

Cricket definetly:D

How do you flash a cell phone to cricket?

talk to customer service

Can the cricket phone service be used with a iphone 4?


How you saw cricket in online any web address?

Cricket is a cellular phone service that does have a Web address. will allow you to access any of your Cricket cell phone services online.

Is cricket better than Verizon?

Verizon is a bit better with better options of phones and a little bit better service but with better choice comes a higher price, so if your on a budget and just need a phone go with cricket

Is cricket wireless a good service?

Cricket Wireless can be a good, cheap service if you are looking for a phone you can use locally without signing a contract. Cricket Wireless is not a good service if you wish to travel because dropped calls are common due to many dead areas and they charge roaming fees. Cricket Wireless if not a service you would want to use if you travel nationwide often.

What phone number could you txt if your phone is off and you want to turn your cricket service back on for free for a month?


Cricket msgm8 phone with cricket service but you dont have picture messaging or internet on the phone how can you get free ringtones on your msgm8?

I am about to get the CricKet MSGM8 phone and i was wondering the same things. Is it a good phone and are the buttons too small to text? I am wondering the same things so if people could answer then we will both be happy and we would know about the phone. :]

Does Qwest or Comcast offer a better rate on internet and phone service?

Comcast offers a better rate on internet and phone service

Can i switched my cricket galaxy s3 to straight talk?

You can switch your phone from cricket to straight talk. All you have to do is call straight talk consumer service.

I already have a cell phone. Its contract has expired. Can I put it on one of your plans?

I use cricket, and had an ATT motorola M436 model handset,. Cricket was able to put it on thier service. I bet they can do it for your phone as well.

How do you get a cricket phone franchise?

how do you get a cricket phone franchise