How can you get a license to sell marijuana in ca?

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2010-01-05 03:34:01

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A good source of information is How to Open A Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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2010-01-05 03:34:01
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Q: How can you get a license to sell marijuana in ca?
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What is a marijuana vendor license?

Getting the license to sell dope

Can you smoke marijuana and still donate plasma?

yes you can. Well I do. I go to biolife all they ask is if you do smoke... no drug tests. - I tried to sell plasma at Biomat in Bellflower, CA and they denied me becaue I have a medical marijuana license.

Can you geta a license to grow marijuana in ca if you have a felony for being in possetion of a controlled substance?


Can a convicted felon currently on probation obtain a medical marijuana growing license in CA?


What is ca penal code 11359 hs?

felony possession of marijuana with intent to sell

Can I sell a leased car to a third party in CA without a dealer's license?


Can you sell medical pot what you don't use?

To sell medical marijuana, you need a license. If you purchase medical marijuana at retail as a patient and then resell any part of what you bought, you are violating the law.

Can the CA board of psychology revoke your license for having a medical marijuana card?

I would call Marijuana Medicine Evaluation Centers Google "MMEC" and ask them...

How to get a medical marijuana license for anxiety?

Getting marijuana license for just anxiety is hard to get. It takes a lot to get a marijuana license.

Do you need a license or certificate to sell vitamins and supplements in CA?

California law does not require a license to sell vitamins and supplements in the state. Consult with a lawyer in the state to make sure you are covered.

How do you get a license to sell life insurance in California?

You contact your CA department of insurance licensing department and ask them.

Which states can you legally grow marijuana in?

None, unless you have a license. Even then, you can only get a license (And grow) in states that have legalized medical Marijuana and the Marijuana can only supply medical Marijuana dispensaries.

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