How can you get a license to sell marijuana in ca?

Updated: 4/30/2024
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A good source of information is How to Open A Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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To get a license to sell marijuana in California, you need to apply through the state's Bureau of Cannabis Control. You must meet all regulatory requirements, including having a legal business structure, safe and secure premises, and compliance with local laws and zoning. Each type of cannabis business (e.g., retail, cultivation, manufacturing) has specific requirements for obtaining a license.

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Q: How can you get a license to sell marijuana in ca?
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What is a marijuana vendor license?

Getting the license to sell dope

Can you geta a license to grow marijuana in ca if you have a felony for being in possetion of a controlled substance?


Can the CA board of psychology revoke your license for having a medical marijuana card?

I would call Marijuana Medicine Evaluation Centers Google "MMEC" and ask them...

Can you sell medical pot what you don't use?

To sell medical marijuana, you need a license. If you purchase medical marijuana at retail as a patient and then resell any part of what you bought, you are violating the law.

Can I sell a leased car to a third party in CA without a dealer's license?


Is it illegal to sell legal marijuana?

Generally no, but it depends on what you are trying to sell. You cannot sell anything illegal, and certain things require a license to sell. Also, if you plan to open a store, you may need a business license.

How do you get a license to sell life insurance in California?

You contact your CA department of insurance licensing department and ask them.

Can you sell marijuana?

Yes, you can illegally sell marijuana. Most drug dealers are caught so there is not a good chance for you to successfully sell marijuana without being caught.

Why do people say they smoke medical marijuana?

In most states, Marijuana is legalized through medical use. Doctors and prescribe marijuana, but cannot give it to them. Until recently doctors recommended (California, for example) that they find a safe way of getting it. Now in California they have privately owned stores that will sell all types of marijuana to people who possess a medical marijuana license. Massachusettes will be voting to be the first state to fully legalize and sell marijuana to residents of Massachusettes, by the government.

Can you get a license in NM if your license in CA is suspended?


How do you get a medical marijuana license in California?

You need parental consent to get a medical marijuana card if you're under 18 in CA. Meaning your parents will have to go with you to the doctors appt. Since you're in CA, check out MMEC- they've got 7 offices where you can get a card in CA (they're legit):

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds if you have a medical marijuana permit?

It depends on what kind of license you have. There is a license to smoke marijuana and own it, and there is a completely different license to have seeds and grow them. If you are eligible for a smoking license then you should be able to get a growers license as well, but it's a whole new process and they will test you all over again to be sure your need for marijuana is realistic. for more questions email me at