Best Answer could answer tht question in several different ways. I just got out of 6th grade. Most guys like girls that will flirt and do other things with them. But here is a few examples that might help u,if the guy doesnt fall 4 u after doing these steps multiple times,he might not b intersted in u (i'm sorry if it's true thought) But maybe your just aren't trying hard enough. Oh and mst of these answers have "try to become friends 1st" but really? Have these People EVER been in middle school? Trying to become friends is extremely !HARD! In kindergarden every1 if friends,until you get in 4th grade,every1 splits. In 5th every1 thinks they r hot. In 6th u start wanting to do things with each-other (Mostly boys thought) like kissing or holding hands !) I noe i did. I'm a girl thought so I'm probably not exactly as hyped up as the boys. But i noe they like to touch. But here is the list :)

1) Wear clothes that make them want to look at u

2) Try wearing a lil make-up

3) Flirt

4) Don't talk to much,and if so,mostly about wat they like

5) Do not get in drama,they'll think it will mess it up

6) Don't exactly spread that u 2 r dating

7) Try making the most attractible thing on you stand out

8) Be yourself

9) Try getting rid of acne or skin rashes

10) try talking to him.

11) Don't studder around him

12) Be confident

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Q: How can you get a grade six guy to like you?
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Grade 6 is like a jungle

You are in 4th grade and you like a guy in 6th grade how do you get him to like you back?

You don't.

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be nice to her

What if your in 8th grade and the guy you like is in 7th grade?

that's fine if you like this guy and you want to be in a relationship with him. ITS ALRIGHT! GO AHEAD ASK HIM!

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ask him.

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You act like you don't care!

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Be yourself. If he's the right kind of guy for you, this will be enough.

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