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Well what I did was I told my girlfriend that I went to mma, and she asked me what moves did i learn. I taught her few moves, i started out with a triangle choke, so i let her choke me there for a little, then i told her how legs will always overpower arms girl or guy. so we starting Wrestling around for fun, then she put me in a reverse headscissor, i seriously had no idea how much pressure it puts on you, i really couldn't breathe anymore, i started tapping out, but she kept squeezing and giggling, then i remembered i never told her to let go if i tap. so then i starting passing out.

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How do I get a girl to do that to me
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Challenge her and make a bet on something that you know she wants. Be warned once she locks your head in the hold, she will apply as much pressure as it takes to get you to submit, so be prepared to pay up. Also, make sure she knows what tapping out is, she will probably have your neck squeezed so tight you won't be able to get the words out.

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In order to get a boy to head scissor you. It is necessary to flaunt your chicken supreme whilst humming the theme tune to Indiana Jones

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Q: How can you get a girl to head scissor you?
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