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just talk about yourself for half an hour

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Q: How can you get a girl to fall asleep so you can tickle her feet?
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Girls how can you get a girl to let you smell her feet?

make her fall asleep.

How do you get a girl to go crazy for you?

Soil here rotten. Take her on romantic sweet dates. Tickle her. Mess with her. Play with her hair. Tickle her back. Let her fall asleep in your arms. Tell her shes beautiful. Love her.

Do you wash penis or vagina after sex or do you fall asleep with them sticky?

you fall asleep when your sticky ...... ...but i dont shower so yeah dirty boy/girl get a bath

How do you find out if a girl has ticklish feet?

You can try tickling her by restraining her hands and feet and then giving her her tickle of her life be soft on the soles! this is something you never do it is torture and it shows they have no control in the relationship. what you do is casually slip tickling into the conversation then say your not ticklish she will tickle you giving you the chance to tickle back

In school you fall asleep and when you wake up and unaware of what your doing shout the name of the girl you like and announce you want her feet on your penis and she was in the room when you did this?

this must have been embarrasing for you..... Just try and apologise to this girl and the class and teacher and say, you are very sorry. Then tell the girl if you like her or not.

Where do you tickle a girl?

On her sides! That always gets me [i'm a girl] :)

Where are the secret places of the girl in tickle the girl game?

On her foot

When was A Girl Asleep - Vermeer - created?

A Girl Asleep - Vermeer - was created in 1657.

What is tickle hawk?

A wierd word a girl says on Wizards of Waverly Place. Ex:Harper said "Tickle Hawk,Tickle Hawk"(for no reason)