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Q: How can you find your lost gun registration?
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How do you find out if the a gun is registard?

First, find out if there is a process to register guns where you are. There is no gun registration in most of the US. If registration IS required, then check with the agency that handles that.

Can i find out registered gun owners in the state of mo.?

No. There is no registration of gun owners

In Missouri find serial number to a gun registered to you?

Missouri does not have gun registration!

Who is this gun registerd to -an101872?

Most of the US does not have gun registration. Where there IS registration, that information is not available to the public.Most of the US does not have gun registration. In areas that do, that information is not available to the public.

How do you chage a gun registration in tx?

You can't. The state of Texas does not require registration, therefore, there is no gun registration that can be changed.

Can you pawn a gun without registration in Louisiana?

Louisiana doesn't have gun registration to begin with.

Can you find out who a gun is registered to in florida?

Florida- as in MOST of the US, does not have registration of ordinary firearms. When a dealer sells a gun, he must maintain a record of the sale (at his shop) for 20 years, but there is no government registration.

How can you find the previous owner of a gun?

You cannot. There is not a national registration system for firearms. Hopefully, there never will be.

How can you get back your lost tamilnadu employment renewed registration number?

How to get my lost employment registration no.

What does the serial number on gun mean?

Gun Registration...

Where does Joe Biden stand on gun registration?

He is for gun registration of course. He is also in favor of background checks on all firearm sales at gun shows.

Is there a way to find who a gun is registered to by the serial number and make of the gun?

No. Even in jurisdictions which require registration of firearms, it is not made a matter of public record.