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== == If you are trying to find the number for a gun you no longer have you will have to go back to the dealer who sold it to you, if the dealer is still in business. Dealer records are the only place serial numbers are recorded.

If the dealer is out of business, his records may have been sent to the BATF. Theoretically they store them, but I have never heard of anyone having much luck getting any information out of there. If you got it from a private individual, you could hope he recorded the number and you can locate him.

Absent these sources you are out of luck.

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Q: How can you find your gun's serial number after it has been stolen?
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Is a Bernina with the serial number 0084058301 stolen?

If it has been reported stolen, you might be able to find out by asking the police to run the serial number.

Where would I look to find out if a firearm is legal according to the serial number?

Contact your local police. If it has been reported stolen to the police they can find out.

Is F927056 a stolen rifle SavageArms?

IF it has been reported, you might find out by having your local police run the serial number.

Is a Bernina with the serial number 48102358 stolen?

Only way to find out is to go to the police. If it has been reported, they will let you know.

How can I find out if a Ruger P85 Pistol is stolen?

Ask you local police to run the serial number. It has been reported it will show up.

How can you find out the serial number of a gun you purchased that was stolen and you lost the number?

Go the the gunshop or person you bought it from.

How can you find the serial numbers for firearms after they have been stolen?

Go to the seller where you purchased the gun.

How do you find out if the gun you purchased is in fact stolen?

Contact your local police and ask them to run the serial number.

Where online can you find out if a gun has been stolen?

Probably not online, but any local police station can run the serial number and tell you. If it did turn up stolen, you wouldn't be in any trouble, but you would lose the gun.

How can you find out if a truck has been reported stolen?

You probably can find our by calling the highway patrol and giving them the Serial or Identification number and asking. Another thing I would do is take the Identification number and on the computer go to and check it out.

Where do you find the model number on the Sanyo Pro xtrax projector?

It is located on a sticker on the back or bottom of the projector that has the voltage rating and the serial number. If yours does not have a sticker, and you have purchased the projector used, it may have been removed to disguise a stolen item since the serial number would have been removed too.

How do you find out if bike is stolen?

That can be a bit difficult. The easiest way is to ask the seller to show you an original receipt from the store. If that doesn't work you can take the serial number of the bike, contact the police(not on the emergency number!) and ask if it's been reported stolen. Don't expect too much from that though, not many people note the serial number of their bikes.

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