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Q: How can you find young Asian men in Colorado?
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Do gay white men find Asian men attractive?

I would say that the question is too general, Asian men could vary from Japanese to Indonesian in which the physical appearances are quite different, And within each sub ethnic group, there are also differences, there are many ugly Asian men a white gay man do not find attractive and there are other attractive ones a white man do find attractive. If I have to answer these question in a broader sense, I would say perhaps older white men would more likely to find Asian men attractive, this is perhaps to do with the fact that many east Asian culture is comparatively more modest, older white men feel they have better chance in Asian men.

Why White like Asian girls?

It's for the same reason anyone likes anyone; they find them attractive. Not all white men like Asian women, and some go on stereotypes they believe of Asian women being submissive, but that is not all white men or any men who believe this.

Why Asian girls like white guys?

It's for the same reason anyone likes anyone; they find them attractive. Not all white men like Asian women, and some go on stereotypes they believe of Asian women being submissive, but that is not all white men or any men who believe this.

What do Asian women like in bed?

Asian men.

In general are Japanese men attracted to American women?

I think it depends on the individual. There probably are some Japanese men out there who find western women attractive. I have noticed however that it's more common to see Asian women with western men than the western women with Asian men.

Do gay Asian Far Eastern men find guys of other races attractive?

Depends on the Asian man you ask. Not all Asian men share the same preference in women.

Do CaucAsian women dislike to date with Asian men?

Definitely not! I prefer Asian men over any other race!

Do anyone like asion girl?

Many people like Asian (not asion) girls. Many people believe that Asian women or girls are very beautiful and fashionable. Some men even go out of their way to find an Asian woman to have as a spouse.

Are Asian men considered ugly by white women and gay white men?

There are basically 2 levels of 'asians'1. Men who are immigrants from Asia. They have a stereotype of being 'nerdy' and not cool, thus not very desirable if they want to settle down in the western society.2. Asian men that were born in the Western World. Whether their parents are immigrants or not it doesn't make a big difference. These men are considered as 'banana', which is yellow on the outside, but white on the inside. These are the type of Asian guys that are desirable by both white women and gay white men.Answer (Women)There are people of every ethnic group that are considered ugly to other people of every ethnic group. I think you would have to ask every 'white woman' and every 'gay white man' what they though about the possible One Billion Asians there are on the planet, to find out if they all think any of them are considered ugly.Well i can't speak for everyone but I'm a white woman and i find Asian guys hot.I'm a white woman, and personally, I find Asian guys SERIOULY H-O-T! In fact, I find them more attractive than white guys (not saying that i don't find white males attractive)On the flip side, do Asian guys find white girls hot?Answer (Gay Men)Asians as in Far Eastern gay males are actually quite popular with certain types of gay white males (and gays of other races) but usually older mature white men. They are happy to race mix where gay dating is concerned.The much coveted young attractive gay white males who everyone wants as a boyfriend in my experience tend to stick to other young attractive gay white males, though there are a small number of exceptions of course.I agree that Asian men are popular with gay men. In fact, I have seen more gay couples involving Asian men and white men, than I have seen straight couples involving white women and Asian men. I believe this has something to do with Asian men being perceived as feminine.NEW ANSWER (Black Female)Asian men are some of the hottest men around imo, but I'm not White or gay, lol. They're usually the nicest, and have the leanest bodies... well... I even know ones who are bigger and fat and they are cute too. lol. Asian guys are fine in my book and people shouldn't be so quick to judge. I've always been attracted to Asian and Latino men a lot more than Black and White guys. Black comes next because I am Black, and White last for a few reasons. I think many women (of all races) like Asian men, they just don't get approached by them so they don't date them. I've been asked out by a few, but never dated any.Another ANSWERI don't know about gay white men, but Asian man and white woman couple seems more common if the Asian man is incredibly well off.BEST ANSWER HERE to the above (Japanese chick):Asian man and white woman couples are not common compare to vice versa is mainly because Asian men in general are NOT interested in dating white women, this is the ONLY reason, although many people have been thinking too much to challenge this fact.However, white Caucasian men who love both white and Asian women, are likely to deny this fact but make up reasons such as "white men are most attractive", "all Asian women are desperate to marry white", "Asian men are loser" etc........ Nonsense!Check out all those AF/WM couples, you'll found that 99% of those Asian women who date with white Caucasian men are not considered pretty or attractive, otherwise she must have a mental problem herself or she's actually a hooker.What it tells you is that most Asian women prefer their own type and not interested in white males, despite that many poor Asian women who couldn't get loves from Asian men normally and have no room in the Asian societies, went to Western countries to stick with those white ugly old farts for material benefits and to gain attention from people (e.g.Wendy Deng, Bai Ling), unfortunately they never considered they have made other Asians look bad.

Why do men find Thai women so appealing?

most Asian women are appealing to western men because of their demeanor and their stature, it brings out their protective nature toward women.

Where do Asian men usually hang out?

at my house

Why is it hard for young women today to relate to young men today romantically?

just the fact that ur young and now a days nobodys pushing u to find some one, and men r usually very immature