How can you delay orgasim?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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First prepare yourself mentally. Secondly, avoid excessive stimulation. Thirdly, slow down when you think you are approaching climax. Fourthly, You can take the session after a masturbation session.

The guys, you are referring to are usually on drugs. For example, they apply local anesthetics to their glans penis, so that they receive less sensation. They also take cannabis/ yohimbine like drugs, which act like aphrodisiac. Some drugs like fluoxetine (prozac) interfere with ejaculation. Squeezing the penile urethra also delays ejaculation. However, all these methods mentioned in this paragraph MUST be strictly AVOIDED.

Lastly, its all in your mind. If you want to stay longer, you can!

In the movies the director says. Cut! and they take a break. When you get close to your climax take a break.

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Q: How can you delay orgasim?
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