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by not cheating on your girlfreind. that is the safest way.

that may be the safest way but the best way is tell her that you can't spend time with her because you need air because you are having a tough time with either school or if you are a christian say that you need air to get closer to god then u would go off cheat on her and do it like 5 times then go to her and say that you and god are well as u could be and that he has forgiven all of your sins

just don't. dump her if you really like someone else

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You shouldn't cheat on anybody in the first place! How would you feel if a girlfriend cheated on you? What's more, if she finds out, then it'll cause both girls to hate you. You'll get a reputation for cheating and nobody will go out with you. If you really like another girl, break up with your girlfriend.

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Q: How can you cheat on a girlfriend an not get caught?
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don't cheat young man!!

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