How can weed harm you?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Answer: Weed cannot kill you no matter how much you smoke. Its also impossible to get addicted to it. Some studies have claimed no correlation between cannabis smoking and lung, neck, and head cancers. Other studies have claimed that the risk of lung cancer is higher for those who smoke cannabis. Fortunately, if these claims are true, weed doesn't have to be smoked; it can be eaten or drunk as well.

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Q: How can weed harm you?
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How can weed harm your baby during pregnancy?


Does coffee do more harm then weed?

depends if you smoke it.

Does asher roth smoke weed?

yes in a youtube video he says he does that there is no harm.

Will Round Up weed killer harm a dog?

Different weed killers have different effects on dogs. Check the label on the weed killer and if it doesn't state that it is not harmfull to animals do not use it.

What are the remedies for land pollution caused by industries?

* Reduce the use of Weed killers ,if it is too compulsary use only weed killers which do not harm the land

Why is marijuana second hand smoke less harm full than cigarette second hand smoke?

Because it is weed, and weed is good for your health.

If you smoked three blunts in the first three months of your pregnancy will the weed harm your unborn?


Is it bad to smoke weed when you are 10?

actually its ok. its would say its good for you but it doesnt harm you. althoguht if i was 10 i would not want a reputation of smoking weed...

Is smoking weed bad for you if your one month pregnant?

It can cause harm to the fetus. I had a miscarriage from smoking.

Will weed killer harm trees?

Yes, weedkiller will kill a tree if you aren't careful when you spray it.

Im 14 and i smoke weed once every 2 months does this harm my body im quiting the next time i do it?

At 14, smoking weed once every two months will not harm your body. However, it can harm your judgement and cause you to do things you might not normally do. It would be a good idea to quit and not do it the next time it is offered to you.

Is it bad to smoke weed during your pregnancy?

Yes, it is. What you take into your body goes to the baby and weed is a drug that will harm the baby causing brain damage. It is also against the law and the state can take away your baby for child abuse.