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Write a letter explaining that she is a big fan. I wrote a letter for school and w esent them. we are going to receive a response soon!

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Q: How can we get a birthday card from the president for our aunts 100th birthday?
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When do children in Britain get birthday card from the Queen?

As far as I know, children do not get birthday cards from the Queen. However, when you reach your 100th birthday, you get a telegraph.

What do you write in birthday card of 100 year old?

Congratulations on this amazing milestone. May this day be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love. Have a very Happy 100th Birthday.

How do you apply for a letter from the Queen when you reach 100?

You will be sent a birthday card from the queen automatically if you reach your 100th birthday, so long as you have a state pension :)

Can you get a birthday card from the president when you turn 100?

yes you cant

Does president send card for 100 year old birthday?

sorry to say but no you would have to be older and the president might send a card to an older person sorry=[

How old do you have to be to receive a birthday card from the president of the US?

You have to be age 80 or older to receive a card from the President. (to request one for someone, see the related link.)

What should you said on the 100 birthday card?

Happy Birthday, I Hope Your Special Day Is Filled With Fun And Happiness That You Deserve.Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue. Heres A Little Card Saing Happy Birthday To You!P.S: The Secret Of Staying Young Is To Live Honestly Eat Slowly and Lie About Your Age!

What is a birthday card?

A birthday card is a greeting card given to someone to celebrate his or her birthday.

When do you give a birthday card?

On someone's birthday.

How old have you to be to receive a birthday card from the queen of England?

you have to be 100 to receive a birthday card from the queen

When to send a birthday card?

A week before their birthday.

What would you write in a birthday card?

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!