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You should probably know her well which makes it a lot easier. Don't make it too sudden and fast. Make sure she's interested and she is ready. She should be willing and allowing you to do it, otherwise you'll go home with a slap from the girl. Start by dancing with her; slow dancing is a good one. Compliment her and stare at her in the eyes the whole time. Have a conversation. Silence is awkward. Make her feel comfortable when you dance. When you are ready for the kiss, lead her outside where you two can be alone. Compliment her some more. Make her she still feels comfortable and is ready for the kiss. You should NOT make out with her or anything. Most likely she's not ready. Just a light kiss on the lips. And as you reach towards her lips, go slowly. If she liked it, she'll smile. You can get another kiss, by going back inside and dancing with her again. This time, hug her when you dance, which will be romantic and will make her feel good. If she looks into your eyes passionately, she wants another kiss. This time you dont have to kiss her lightly. You can kiss her with more passion. Then walk outside and hold hands. And talk some more. She will go home really liking you and thinking about you the whole time. She might end up as your girlfriend if you keep it up.

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You don't at school because it could get you into trouble. First, you have to make sure she would want you to kiss her. I suggest you get a group of your friends together for a movie and Pizza and include her. This way you can get to know her, talk with her, and later can ask her out. A group date like this takes all the pressure off of a first date and that first kiss.

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take dance lessons

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Q: How can seventh grade boy dance with a seventh grade girl?
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I'm in 5th grade and have girl boy dance this year what do you do?

if you get rejected by a boy/girl go with friends

How can a seventh grade boy hook up with a seventh grade girl?

Asking her to meet up for movie with some other friends may be the best idea! tell the girl that you like her.

How can you a seventh grade girl tell if a eighth grade boy likes you?

Well, the 7th grade girl should have connections with a group close to that 8th grade boy. If not, make him notice you! Do something spectacular, and start flirting with him.

How do you get a seventh grade girl to like a sixth grade boy?

If the girl knows the dude than forget it but if she doesn't know him than convince her that he is in 7th

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i am a 7th grade girl and i think fo-hawks rock. its fauxhawk

How can a seventh grade boy tell if a seventh grade girl likes him?

I'm a girl, and I'm in the 7th grade. What I do is I kind of laugh at everything he says, and always accidently look stupid. And I easily get extreamly jeolous if he is even friends with a girl (who i dont like).

8th grade school dance does a girl buy the boy a buttonaire?


Can a seventh grade boy love a girl?

sure you can. but it is rare that a boy will be in love in 7th grade. of course! i believe that love exists everywhere. No matter what age.

Should a seventh grade girl date a ninth grade boy?

AnswerIf you want to you should, but be aware. Rumors can hurt, and people are going to talk. In addition, older guys usually only think of sex. As long as you can really really trust him not to take advantage of you, I don't see why not. Another thought, if a roomer did happen to get out that you two had sex he could go to jail. i wouldn't if I was you because rumors can go around about you dating him or her people could think you had sex all older boys want to do is have sex you could become pregnant but if you really love him then follow your heart and beware.

How can a seventh grade girl impress a seventh grade boy?

well im seventh grade boy and what a guy my age usally likes is for the girl to just talk to him a little bit and ask if he wants to be friends. do friend stuff for a month or 2 and then if he still hasn't asked you out just ask him hell be impressed with how bold you were and say yes then again all guys in the 7 th grade are desperate no matter how popular they are!

How do you show chivalry in seventh grade?

Assuming your a boy buy the girl a $12 rose with a note that says i love you.