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Q: How can phosphlipids form a film when mixed in water?
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Lipids that contain phosphorous in the form of phospate are?


Does sugar form a colloid when mixed with water?

No, sugar forms a solution when mixed with water.

When water mixed with water?

they form small balloonlike structures called liposomes

What are cement water sand and gravel mixed to form?


Can isobutylene mixed with water?

No, you will form a 2 phase mixture.

What happen to sugar when it is mixed with water?

Sugar dissolves in water to form a homogeneous solution.

Why does bubbles formed from soap?

Bubbles are formed from soap when they are mixed with water and there is air. When air is present and water is mixed with soap, bubbles will definitely form.

Can sand and water be a form of an electrolyte solution?

No, sand and water mixed together don't make a solution

Which substance will form a solution when mixed in liquid water?

A large hydrophobic protein.

Why do there is bubble when water is mixed with detergent?

ANSWER:Because of the soapiness of the detergent the water and detergent form a less soapy but still soapy mixture of Water & the detergent, in a liquid form.

What will happen if activated carbon mixed with water?

when activated carbon react with water it form carbon mono oxide

What are mixed to form soil?

weathered rock,decayed organic matter,water and sediments.