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It is hard to prevent text message alerts. The best thing to do is go to your phone carrier and ask them or read the manual given to you when you got the phone.

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Q: How can one prevent text message alerts?
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There are various websites one can get text alerts concerning school closings for free. Some of those websites are Wane, Wood TV, WSAZ News Channel, WLOS news and Wireless Advisor.

Sms was disabled with AT and T but I sent a message to someone by accident will it show up on my bill as one text message?

Regardless of how or why you sent a text message, once it is sent from your phone it is billed as a sent text message.

What is oomF in teXt message?

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Where could one find text message advertising?

Text message advertising can be found from many different resources. Some examples of online resources for text message advertising include EzTexting and Trumpia.

If someones sends you a text message and you open do you waste minutes?

Yes, it does use your minutes to open a text message andsend one.

Sms and text message mean basically the same but which one is used more commonly in English?

text message... but now people just say send me a message...

What is a written message sent frome one cell phone to another called?

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What does SMS mean on a Verizon phone?

Regardless of carrier, SMS stands for Short Messaging System. It is basically the general text messaging system, sending a text message from one mobile phone to another. An SMS text is a text message that is simply a text message, as opposed to a picture or video message. (Those are MMS messages: Multimedia Messaging Service.)

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How can one retrieve text message?

ANSWER:There is no way you can retrieve the text message of someone, especially if its your husband or wife. The cell phone carrier can not help because of the law, called Privacy Act.

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Text message marketing involves sending messages to potential customers, with the aim of attracting them to one's business. Statistically, text message marketing is more effective, possibly because users are less likely to delete text messages without reading them (as compared to electronic mail messages).