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Getting an $800 gift card can be a great way to treat yourself or someone else to something special. Depending on the type of gift card you are looking for, there are a few different ways to get one.

You can also get an $800 gift card by participating in surveys or other activities. Many companies offer rewards for completing surveys or other activities, such as watching videos or playing games. These rewards can include gift cards, and some companies may offer gift cards in the $800 range. MY RECOMMENDATIONS :- 🐀πŸͺ 𝓱t𝓣ק丂://קĻÃ𝐲ᗩβℓοΌ₯ο½„π•†β“¦ε‡ π•ƒπ‘œοΌ‘βˆ‚.αΆœπ• ηˆͺ/ΕŸπ“—π¨β“Œ.ρ𝐇ρ?𝕃=Κ˜β…‹Ο…=οΌ—οΌ“Κ˜οΌ‘βž‚β·β…‹ΞΉβ’Ή=❸❾5❺Ѳ⅋𝕋𝕣Ã𝐂𝕂𝒾Ňg_i𝐝= β™œπŸ˜‘

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How much money one can make using mobile apps really depends on which apps they use and how long they spend on them. One can use share trading apps and make hundreds of dollars a day if they have the skill.

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Hey, I just gifted you points on the Current Cash Rewards app. Click on my link and make up to $600 a year! πŸ€‘πŸ’°

ht tps://


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Q: How can one make money using mobile apps?
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Feedly makes money through its mobile apps, and its premium content.

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No, they don't, but they do make apps for mobile phones.

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no because the apps are for an apple iphone and apple wants you to buy a mac so that they can make more money

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Apple gets a 30% cut from PAID apps in the App Store

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If your an app creator you can make money by creating a fiver account and selling your creations to any who is willing to buy it . Its difficult to build "quality" apps from scratch tho.. If your not as tech savvy mess around with apps that make money from ur phone . here's the url for the app i use //

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do surveys/download apps like shopkick/apptrailers

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