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i am here...

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Q: How can i meet other young lesbians but without having to come out yet?
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Who are lesbians on woogiworld?

Woogi World is a. education website for young students. There may be lesbians on there be issue they are seeking the assistance of the site.

Are there lesbians 14 years old?

Yea, there are 5 year old lesbians. There are infant lesbians. Whether or not you are born a lesbian, you're sexual orientation is decided at a very young age and cannot be changed.

Can twin sisters become lesbians?

The majority of young women are not lesbians. It is generally mid teens that a young woman knows if she favors young women to young men and it will take a few more years to be sure that she is a true lesbian. If you have decided you are a lesbian then yes, you can be a lesbian sister to your siblings.

What are the advantages and diadvantages of our young men having the relation with people belong to other creeds?

what are the advantage and disadvantages of our young man having sound relation with the people belonging to other

What has the author Laura DeHart Young written?

Laura DeHart Young has written: 'There will be no goodbyes' -- subject(s): Lesbians, Fiction 'Family secrets' -- subject(s): Fiction, Lesbians, Family, Families 'Intimate Strangers' -- subject(s): Protected DAISY

How can WebMD be helpful to young parents?

WebMD can be helpful to young parents as it can help them diagnose their young children without having the expenses of going to the doctor each time.

Can a young girl ovulate without having a period?

yes. i have been for almost 2 years and im 13

Are there black lesbians?

There are lesbians of all races, sizes, ages, personalities.

What did traveling on streetcars mean for many young mean for many young people?

They could get to know each other without supervision.

It hurts me that the guy I like does not want to be with me but wants to be friends so is having him as a friend better than not having him in my life at all?

If you feel you can get on with your life by dating other young men and still be around your friend without feeling like you are pouring salt in an open wound because you love him then yes, it is important to keep him as a friend. However, if it is making you feel sad or depressed take some time away from him for a little and start going out with friends and dating other young men without seeing your friend so often.

Why do you swell up and cant wear a bra?

because you have breast now. Which in that case you should be getting attention from young horny boys or lesbians.

Are lesbians common in the 10 13 age group?

Yes it is very common, you are never too young to let your feeling run free :)