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get her drunk

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2008-11-27 04:50:08
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Q: How can an okay looking male get with a hot girl?
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Is Raven Wert a girl?

Yes she is a hot one too! <--------- Okay?

What is ahot girl?

A hot girl girl is a sexy good looking attractive girl

How do you know if a girl is hot?

be looking at her face and llleegss!!!!!!!!

My friends mock me as i have never kissed a girl how do i do it i am 14 and single?

well, believe it or not, girls are in the exact same position all the time. so if your question really is "how do i kiss a super hot girl?" you need to change it. if you really want to kiss a girl fast, don't go for the hottest girl in your grade. look around you, and see if there are some pretty, or okay-looking girls who are nice. those are the girls who ask themselves "why haven't i been kissed yet?" and the reason why she asks herself this is because all the guys in her grade are all trying to hook up with the girl with the biggest boobs or nicest butt. if you talk to the the okay-looking girl, get to know her, make her feel special, i grantee she will like you, and then she will have no problem hooking up with you. also more perks of hooking up with the okay-looking girl is that you two hooking up will become gossip. the super hot girl will here the gossip, and notice you and maybe even be interested in who you are. and because most girls want what they don't have, she may even end up liking you. but hopefully, you like the okay-looking girl better because she is nicer and a good friend and wont ditch her for the hot girl. good luck mate :)

Are guys in high school cute?

Well,its kinda divided into three. -Hot and popular,good looking. -Okay looking,not ugly,but not hot either. - Ugly! Acne, Glasses,boring,nerd.

What does carlos pena look for in a girl?

He is looking for a girl that is fun,outgoing,funny & hot. And any girl that is younger than him.

What kind of guy cheats on a hot girl?

Okay, most guys who cheat are big jerks in the first place, but if you're "hot" and they cheat on you then maybe you're not what they're looking for. I'm a girl and I've been cheated on a lot, but they always came back to me. it just depends on the guy. I hope this helped at least a little.

If a boy changes his appearance in the same year he met you does he like you?

maybe, maybe not. because he could be looking hot for you, or he could be looking hot for another girl.

Is KAaty Perrys song hot and cold good?

its okay, i think I Kissed A Girl is better Katy Perry's song hot and cold is very good.

How can a 9 year old girl impress a 9 year boy?

by looking hot

What does hot spice mean?

it means when someone(girl or boy) is looking sexy and cute

What does the spanish word Chula mean?

hotty, hot girl, good looking, etc.

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