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Well besides the possibility of developing Alcoholism and ruining every aspect of your life (or atleast making it extremely difficult) it can effect brain cells and give a rather negative outlook on life

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Q: How can alcohol can negatively affect teens future?
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Do teens or adults use alcohol the most?


What is on the mind of many teens?

I think that on the mind of the teens are there future they are thinking about the future their life or what are they going to do on the future and they care about having fun because they are teens.

How does physical development affect teens?

how does physical changes affect teens

What impact might alcohol have on a teeneger?

Alcohol, like all controversial substances, isn't recommended for teens to use. At teenage age, anything addiction forming can affect the wiring in the brain.

How many teens gets addicted to alcohol?

Currently 11.4% of teens account for the consumption of alcohol in the United States.

What are reasons that teens should not drink alcohol?

no teens shouldn't drink alcohol because it can lead to miss behavior and agresion

What is the possibility that teens drink alcohol?

in my personal opinion, 100%. but there are defiantly more teens that drink alcohol that those who don't.

Do durgs negatively influence teens?

yea,b/c of the nicoteen

Where do teens get alcohol?

normally there parents

Do teens in the US use more alcohol or tobacco?

alcohol and your mom

What percentage of teens drink alcohol?

a lot

How many teens died in the year 2008 from drinking?

No teens died from drinking alcohol in moderation and an unknown number died as a result of abusing alcohol.