Best Answer cannot be located there. It is a live-streaming website similar to twitchtv. The site can be located at's website and nowhere else. It is possible however to find content recorded by streamers on other websites but it will not be live.

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Q: How can a person locate Justin TV on Youtube?
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What is better Justin TV or YouTube?

well youtube its not live but Justin is like a live tv on your PC or laptop

How do i make a LIVE video on YouTube?

Making a live video or broadcasting a livestream on Youtube is a partner only feature. You can apply for a partnership, and if you have tens of thousands of viewers you might be accepted. Websites such as Justin TV will allow you to create livestreams, see the related link for Justin TV.

How old was Justin Bieber when ne started singing?

12. If you have music channels on your tv, and there is a song by him it will say that. and on youtube you will know.

Can you get discovered from your talent on YouTube?

yes! for examples Justin Bieber got dicoverd on youtube. and there are youtubers such as SuperMac18 and Shane Dawson who have gotten alot of attention on youtube and made it on TV. supermac was on a nick show for an interview, and Shane has been mentioned on tv and might have a show on TV. YouTube is a great place for people to discover your talent and to make friends who love to do what you do.

HOW CAN you be famouse at age 12?

You can post videos on YouTube singing or acting which is how Justin Beiber was discovered. Audition for commercials or being the background of TV shows and movies :)

What is the guy in the YouTube videos who can't control his language?

One person I can think of is T4 - TV .

Where can one locate a documentary on plastic surgery addiction?

Information on addiction to plastic surgery can be found on the website Earth Review. A documentary entitled Addicted To Beauty was aired on television in 2009 and can be found on YouTube.

Where can one watch Janina Gavankar videos?

One can watch Janina Gavankar videos on the following video hosting websites: YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, Metacafe, Funny or Die, Solar Movies, G4TV, Blip TV, Locate TV.

Where can a person view a Dancing with the Stars video?

A person can view a Dancing With The Stars video on the very popular video platform Youtube or simply go to the abc television webiste. One Youtube one can find a large variety of Dancing With The Stars videos.

Is YouTube educational?

Yes, some of the videos on YouTube is educational. YouTube is like TV on the web.

Where can a person watch arsenal tv?

A person can watch Arsenal TV at the Arsenal website. One may also be able to find it on the BBC website portion dedicated to sports, or one could always check YouTube.

Where can someone view the TV show 'Mirror Force'?

For a person wishing to watch the TV show Mirror Force, YouTube has listings for different episodes of Mirror Force. A person could also purchase Mirror Force on Amazon.