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she would like you if you look nice,smart,staring at you and laughing

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She doesn't like you.

she looks at you a lot..

giggles at everything the guy does.

laugh at all your jokes.

By the way < I'm a girl >

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Q: How can a guy tell if a girl like him?
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How does a guy asks a girl out?

sit down with her and just talk and get to a subject where you bring up what she like in a guy and you tell her what you like in a girl and when she finish tell her you are that guy and ask her.

What can a guy say if a girl asks what you think about her friend who is a girl?

Tell them if you like the girl tell them if you dont you will be miserable if you dont!

Do guys like it when girls tell them they like them?

depends on the guy, depends on the girl

Is it a turn off when a girl has her friend tell a guy that the girl likes him?

as long as you show the guy that u like him then its a turn on

Say a girl like a guy and the guy like another girl and the girl is the other girl's friend what should the girl do?

The girl that likes the guy should tell her friend that he likes her. And if her friend ends up liking him back, you must be the good person and let them get together even if you like the boy. That's what a good friend would do. -But ! If your friend doesn't end up liking the guy back, then you should.. tell the guy that she doesn't like him and also tell him that you have feelings for him. Maybe he will end up liking you. Who knows. ? (:

What does it mean when a guy says a girl acts like a guy?

Who knows? Ask him to tell you what he means.

How do you tell a guy friend you like him?

Get the guts somewhere and go do it girl!

How do you tell someone you have a crush on them?

if your a guy you have to make the move if your a girl wait for guys if u like a girl tell her to not tell anybody that u like her girls dont tell anyone

If your a guy and your friend is a girl how can you tell if she is in love with you?

if your a guy and your friend is a girl how can you tell if she is in love with you?

How do you tell a girl that you like her when you're a guy?

Approach her politely, and tell her how you feel about her. Be honest and yourself.

How do you tell a grade boy you like him?

How would you see a guy like you dating a girl like me.

What if a guy you like has you help him get a girl he likes. He is having me remind him to ask her out tomorrow. If you say tell him how should I?

Tell him you like him