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There's really no need for a guy to help a girl when she is on her period. Menstruation doesn't stricken a woman helpless, although some women can experience negative symptoms with menstruation not all do and even those who do can usually prevent problems. Unless a woman asks for her she really doesn't need it, and if she does ask she'll tell you what she needs.

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Q: How can a guy help a girl when she is on her period?
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If a girl has a period what does a guy get?

the bill

What happens to the guy while the girl has her period?


What is happening with me?

if your a girl your probably having your first period. if your a guy.... get a girl its your puberty kicking in.

What should a guy do when a girl is having there period or is PMSing?

Be supportive. : )

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy sucks her breasts?

Absolutely not. Period.

Can you get sick if a guy eats a girl out on her period?

I wouldn't do it if was you! Its not a pretty sight!

How long does it take for your period to adjust?

what are you talking about you have to be a girl to have a period if your a guy even if you are gay you will never have a baby not even a period

Can a guy cause a girl's period?

No, a guy cannot directly cause a girl's period. Menstruation is controlled by hormone levels in a girl's body and is a natural part of her menstrual cycle. However, stress or changes in routine can sometimes affect a woman's menstrual cycle.

Can a girl get pregnant if the condom falls of a guy and goes a little bite in her?

yes, but in a condition if girl in period time,

Is it normal for a guy to look at a girl for 3 minutes or more and not turn his head?

Nope. The guy's probably checking the girl out in those three minutes. I mean, what else can he be looking at a girl for such a long period?

Can a 12 year old sperm and make a 9 year old pregnant?

well i dont judge but you shouldnt be having sex at such a young age. first doesthe 9 year old im guessing this is the girl have her period. once a girl has had her period she can get pregnant but it all depends on if the guy has gone through pubertyso if the girl hasnt gotten her period yet the answer is no she cant be pregnant. but if she has gotten it and the guy has gone through puberty yes it is possible for the girl to be pregnant. if the guy hasnt gone through puberty once again the answer is no. so she can only be pregnant if the guy has gone through puberty and the girl has gottenher period.

What does a guy do when he gets a girl pregnant?

He should support her and try to help her